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Firefox Triage Tools

Currently Existing

Firefox Version / Status Report

Pros: Provides a quick and easy overview of each version of Firefox tracked by BMO, and the spread of bugs in that version (UNCO, NEW, etc.). Useful for keeping track of bugs that may be old and Incomplete.

Cons: Does not provide an easily scalable interface to provide more detail (components, etc.). Is date-based, does not show work done, etc.

Firefox 24 hour bug submission Report

Pros: Gives an easy way to view all bugs filed in the past 24 hours.

Cons: Only gives bug summary / OS / Platform / Status info. Bugs must be clicked on to see current Triage State.

QA Wanted Keyword

Pros: Allows an easy way to mark bugs that need help from the QA / Triage Team.

Cons: QA Wanted is a very broad term, there is no indicator of whom the help is being requested (the same goes for helpwanted)

Triage Reports

Pros: Provides a much simpler interface to find bugs which don't have replies from the community, have gone for X amount of days with no reply, etc.

Cons: Very specific in what it does and does not do, doesn't allow Triager's to see if the bug is done being triaged or not.

There are most likely other tools and queries, but currently they don't do a very good job of showing what needs to be done on a bug, what the "Next Step" is, or require manual effort to filter.

Partially Implemented / Theoretical

Firefox Feature Ownership

Pros: Can be used by more teams than just Triage (QA, Devs, etc.). Provides a quick overview of various components, their owner(s), bug totals, etc.

Cons: requires a dedicated effort to fully implement, maintain, and evangelism to the community to ensure it is utilized.

Triage Newsgroup

Pros: Enables Mozilla Triager(s) to quickly reach out to the community, encourages open discussion and passing of information. Would alleviate some of the current disorganized Triage Efforts.

Cons: Requires triagers to be aware and subscribe, and would need continual updates to ensure it was used. Other forms of communication may be more useful.

Triage Wiki

Pros: Provides an easy to read and find (no subscription needed) location to post relevant information about Triage, guidelines, links to tools and resources, etc. Much like Firefox Feature pages, a template could be created for needed Triage work.

Cons: Requires the community to visit the wiki to edit, read changes, etc. Would need to be updated to ensure it does not become stagnate.

Canned BMO Responses

Pros: Would provide a way for BMO to automatically ping reporters on bugs that have not been replied to, give common Triage steps (Safe mode, new profile, etc.) etc.

Cons: Impersonal, the wrong response may sometimes be used on bugs that slip into a query.

Triage Flags

Pros: Would enable triagers to search by work done / work needed, instead of just current bug Status. Upon opening a bug, triagers would be able to quickly assess that bug's current triage progress.

Cons: Adds more clutter to Bugs, would require all triagers to use the flags, and update when needed.