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  • Fastest way to draw text is through CGContextShowGlyphs/CGContextShowGlyphsWithAdvances
    • it needs a font set with CGContextSetFont
      • which needs a CGFontRef, which comes from CGFontCreateWithPlatformFont, which needs an ATSFontRef*
    • needs either a size set with CGContextSetFontSize, or a size specified with CGContextSetTextMatrix
    • an array of CGGlyph values
  • ATSUFontID = FMFont
  • FMGetATSFontRefFromFont (FMFont) -> ATSFontRef
  • To select a font, we can look through |fontManager availableFonts| for a name match
    • We can try to obtain an exact match for our desired traits by using NSFontManager convertFont:toHaveTrait:.
    • traits that are useful for us: Italic, Bold, FixedPitch; maybe useful: SmallCaps, Narrow, Expanded, Condensed, Poster, Compressed