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The latest VR-enabled Firefox Nightly builds are available here

These are based on a fairly recent mozilla-central tree, with additional patches from the oculus branch of my gecko-dev repo. Occasionally they may be built from a different work-in-progress branch. They are otherwise identical to mozilla-central, except for the additions of the VR interfaces. The bugs for landing these interfaces and associated functionality can be seen in the webvr tracking bug.

November 9, 2014 (Oculus 0.4.3 runtime)

Download links

  • Windows (64-bit)
  • MacOS X
    • NOTE: You may need to reduce OS X's security restrictions, otherwise you may get an "application is damaged" error! See this article for more information.

Known Issues

  • On Windows, when in fullscreen-VR, WebGL content will occasionally render as black. Exiting and entering fullscreen seems to resolve it; working on tracking down the issue.


  • These builds will attempt to support direct rendering on Windows if your Rift is configured that way, but the experience will likely be very janky. For best results (currently), set up your Rift in extended desktop mode at 60Hz.
  • The position state object will now have orientation/position as "null" instead of a dummy vector if they're not available (e.g. if using a DK1 or a DK2 without a camera, position will be null instead of having a dummy vector).
  • The CSS/preserve-3d VR support is temporarily removed from this build. I am doing some large refactoring of that code, and wanted to get the WebGL-supporting pieces out with 0.4.3 without blocking on getting the CSS refactoring done.

Configuration Notes


  • Please configure your DK2 in "Extended Desktop" mode, with 90-degree ("Portrait") rotation, and a 60Hz refresh rate (not 75Hz).
    • Support for Direct-to-Rift and 75Hz refresh is coming soon.


  • Please configure your DK2 for a 60Hz refresh rate at 1080p, with 90-degree rotation.