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During the standup on 1/10/2014 we made a decision on Sync datatype selection during login and account creation.

Those in attendance of the decision:

  • Johnathan Nightingale
  • Mark Mayo
  • Toby Elliot
  • Ryan Feeley
  • Madhava Enros
  • Ian Barlow
  • Chris Karlof
  • Gavin Sharp
  • Mark Finkle
  • Edwin Wong
  • Robert Lord
  • Karen Rudnitski


Throughout the account creation/login process, give the user thorough messaging about what Sync does and what datatypes it syncs. This will hopefully allow us to satisfy the principle of least surprise wrt to what datatypes we are going to sync.

Then, after:

  • the user logs in to Firefox Sync (email already verified), or
  • the user completes email verification as part of the account creation flow,

Firefox Sync (on the original browser) will show a notification giving the user to option to select what datatypes she wants to sync. The default is all datatypes. If the user doesn't change the datatypes or dismisses the dialog, Sync will start immediately for all datatypes. If the user changes the defaults, Sync will start syncing the datatypes the user selected.

  • In Firefox for Desktop, this notification will be a door hanger.
  • In Firefox for Android, this notification will be a modal dialog of some kind (ckarlof: this was less clear to me).

It was also decided there would be no changes to how these datatype elections are used in FxA Sync on Fx29. These elections will remain a global setting applied to all connected devices, stored in the meta/global record.