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This page is to track Go, No Go decision criteria for different dates of the Sync Fx29 effort.

Jan 31, 2014: Turn on FxA Sync in Nightly

If the below are done, we should feel comfortable turning on FxA Sync in Nightly.


  • Blog post for continuing Legacy Sync users 959849
  • SUMO article at the endpoint of "Using Sync on an older Firefox?" links in desktop + Android
  • Legacy Sync link using SUMO's redir URL: 959849


FxA Eng

  • Full API for FxA Auth server implemented and deployed to production
  • Key web flows (login, create account, COPPA verification, email verification, password reset) implemented and deployed to production
  • Login, create account, COPPA, and email verification integrated with FxA Desktop login to Sync

Desktop Eng

Android Eng

  • Account creation and login works via native UI
  • UI meets UX team approval
  • SyncAdapter flow functions
  • Backoffs are respected
  • Escape hatch: deactivation/logout/etc. are safe and functional.

Backend Eng

  • QA signoff on full tokenserver/storageserver flow
  • Operational pushbutton deployment of new nodes to AWS


  • Load testing test pass of up to 50% of nightly users.
  • No 3 star (highest) bugs for Fx29 milestone
  • Primary flows working as expected: create, sign in, sign out, delete, forgot pw, resend pw.
  • user input validation in place: char limit, case sensitive, email parsing
  • transition scenarios tested in switching between current and new sync
  • running on sync 1.5 cluster.