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Peter is a researcher who is travelling a lot. Despite of his busy schedule he enjoys teaching. This year he has organized part of his course as an online blogging seminar where each student has to write a weekly blog post on the given topic. Unfortunately Peter is so busy during his office hours that it is difficult to find time for reading and commenting the blog posts. He could do this when travelling but then he can't access internet very often.

His colleague John suggests that Peter should try out EduFeedr. This is a feed reader that is designed specially for online courses. EduFeedr has also an offline client that works inside Firefox.

Peter adds a few student blogs to EduFeedr. The blog posts are downloaded to EduFeedr and there is also a commenting field below each blog post. Peter decides to see how it works offline and turns off the wireless networking. After that he is still able to browse and read the blog posts inside EduFeedr. Being happy with the results he turns the wireless back on and adds all the other student blogs to EduFeedr.

Before leaving to his next trip Peter visits EduFeedr website and makes sure that it gets synchronized with the offline client. In the afternoon he has to spend three hours in an airport. During that time he is able to read all the blog posts from last two weeks. He can also write short comments inside the EduFeedr. When he is back online the comments will be posted automatically to student blogs.

Questions about the scenario

  • Did the scenario wake-up any thoughts?
  • Could you image yourself to the role of the teacher?
  • Is there something you would like to change in the scenario?

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