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About Venezuela

About Mozilla Venezuela

Mozilla Venezuela Logo

Mozilla Venezuela is a group of passionate people who care for the web and love Mozilla. We believe in Mozilla mission and work towards taking it forward to guard the open nature of the internet. Our regional community has contributors that include student reps, localizers, testers, marketing volunteers, coders, Mozilla Reps etc. These community members come from various backgrounds, including but not limited to students, teachers, lawyers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, designers, parents.


Mozilla Venezuela is a volunteer run organizations engaged in promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the web in the country. Mozilla Venezuela is driven by community who volunteer their time and energy to lend momentum to protect, nurture and steward the web they love.

Mozilla Venezuela was born as an effort to bring together a community for users, translators and developers of the Mozilla and Open Web technologies in Venezuela.

Mozilla Venezuela is part of the global community of Mozilla Foundation, founded to manifest the state of Mozilla community in Venezuela.

The organization is composed of the most active contributors, which may vary over time.


Mozilla Venezuela is a community driven initiative to work together on a well defined goals with a purpose to improve and grow. We as a community aim to reach end users, contributors with various resources and guide them about the projects. We hope to make it easier for anyone to participate and help them focus on the projects they choose to get involve and advise on getting started. Raise awareness on the Mozilla mission, introduce Mozilla to educational institutions, government organizations and corporate companies, increase PR activities. Create momentum for action and strive to keep the web open.

Promote projects and ideas of Mozilla in Venezuela by organizing events, localization of products, offering free help, knowledge, resources and our vision for an open web, make everyone realize that Internet is a critical public resource.

Promote Open Source and Open Web Technologies in the country. We are open to associate/work with existing open source or other community run, public benefit organizations.

"Internet By The People Internet For The People"

Internal organization

We are a meritocracy group like the rest of Mozilla and the regional community is categorized across as below:


Areas Of Contribution & Task Force Team

Anyone who cares about the web, loves Firefox or believe in the Mozilla mission can join the community and can start contributing to the projects. You don't have to be a C++ guru to be able to contribute to Mozilla. There are several areas that one can contribute to based on their availability of time even if that's 5 minutes!

You can find various areas of contribution at Mozilla here

Local Community

Mozilla contributors are spread across the country, some regions have active local community.

Communication Channels


Have questions or would like to talk to us? Write to us at join at mozillavenezuela dot org :)

Monthly Online Meetings

Once a month, an open meeting is organized for status updates on different on-going projects and followed by topic that would need discussion.

How to join the meetings: - You can join us at #mozilla-venezuela on IRC (

Other Activities


  • List of events in 2010
  • List of events in 2011
  • List of events in 2012
  • List of events in 2013
  • List of events in 2014


User Research Project


Mozilla Venezuela is a group of volunteers and officially represents Mozilla Foundation or Corporation in the country. To ensure compliance with policy trademarks of Mozilla Foundation, the following statement is made: The use of trademarks Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Sunbird, Camino, Bugzilla and other for Mozilla Foundation, and the use of the logos of Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird is done for the sole purpose of publicizing and promote Mozilla products and explicitly recognizes that Mozilla Venezuela not own or have any rights to such trademarks or logos. It also states that, according to the information in the FAQ on Mozilla's trademarks (in English) , trademarks and logos mentioned in the previous section are the exclusive property of Mozilla Foundation.