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Verbatim is the codename of Mozilla's install of Pootle.

Project Information


Brief Description

As the number of localized Mozilla properties (both browser and web) grow, coordination is becoming more difficult and more of a timesink. This project's goals are broad but will have a big impact on the number of localizations we can manage by lowering the barrier to entry and by giving localizers options to make their work easier. Initial goals are:

  • Using extensible libraries, provide an interface for localizing content of different types (e.g. AMO .po files, Firefox .properties files, etc.)
  • Provide a UI for localizing strings on the web, but don't require its use. It's important that localizers can still interact directly with code repositories as many of them find this the most efficient way to contribute.
  • Notification of changes to an English page and a way to diff those changes to locales
  • Provide statistical data including percentage of localized content per locale, overall project (e.g. Firefox 3 or progress, etc.

These main project goals may be tweaked (e.g. adding anonymous contributions) but this set will be our first milestone.

Weekly Meetings

The project contributors will meet weekly to discuss project goals and progress. Status updates can be found here.