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Setting up a Pootle development instance

Pootle's installation instructions are on the Pootle wiki. Make sure to follow the (django-based) installation instructions, not the ones referring to jToolkit.

  • have Python 2.4-2.6 installed (Mozilla is currently running 2.4 in production)
  • grab an svn checkout of the Pootle trunk:
  • if you do not want to install Pootle's requirements into your global Python environment, create a clean, virtual Python environment for the application, using virtualenv. Note that this is not required, but may be helpful if you develop on multiple python-based projects
    • virtualenv --no-site-packages --python=path/to/python2.[4-6] pootle-env
    • cd pootle-env/
    • source bin/activate
  • Install the prerequisites. Some notes:
    • PyLucene and Xapian are not vital
    • The translate toolkit is part of the Pootle project too, and while it comes with an svn checkout of the trunk you still need to install it:
      • cd pootle
      • python install
  • Initialize the database by running the ./PootleServer script once.
    • Note for OS X users: At this point you may get an error that lxml is not installed. Running easy_install lxml didn't work for me, but it might work for you. Instead what I had to do was download the lxml.tqz and then:
      • tar -xvzf lxml-2.2.1.tgz
      • cd lxml-2.2.1
      • python build --static-deps
      • python install
    • The issue apparently is that lxml requires newer versions of the libxml and libxslt libraries than the system offers. Building from source with the --static-deps flag will force lxml to download the versions it needs and link against those. More details are available on the lxml website.
  • You can run the pootle server later by using ./ runserver PORTNUMBER (if you omit PORTNUMBER, it'll default to 8000) [2]