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  • Discussion
    • Meeting structure
    • HTTP/1.1 Keep-Alive connections
    • Building geckodriver offline
    • Building geckodriver on Windows/macOS
  • Status updates


Meeting structure discussion

  • Agreed to minute meetings
  • Put meeting minutes in Etherpad for live and collaborative editing, then copy over to wiki
  • Proposal to time-limit status updates, but keep them spoken to spark conversations
  • To not infringe on someone’s limited time for status updates, follow-ups and questions will be done afterwards
  • PTO will be announced in wiki

HTTP/1.1 Keep-Alive connections

Not sure what’s going on, but we have three fresh issues on GitHub that could be affected by the Keep-Alive change.
Not happy this landed before 0.21.0, we might have to revert it and release a patch.
Maybe gate it on a capability?
Need to be set as HTTPD starts, so capability not a possibility.
Where does the wait happen? In client or in server?
My impression was that it happened in the client. They wait for N seconds, then after that the next command fails.
Question is, do we think this is caused by Keep-Alive?
I would say so.
Do we then back the change out and do a patch release?
How many use this by default?
If the client asks for it, the server provides I believe. There is a negotiation between the client and the server about capabilities.
It’s interesting that this only appears to happen in the Python client?
From the trace-log I don’t see that the connection was closed.
Which versino of Python? Maybe only Python 3 related?
There’s a lot of things to debug here.
Do we back out of leave it to stir another couple of days?
Maybe leave it a little while longer.
Yes, I suppose we don’t want to have to do a lot of work if it only impacts small number of people.
Yes, let’s leave it and discuss with David via email


  • Leave patch in for the moment, observe how it affects users
  • Discuss with AutomatedTester
  • Triage on geckodriver issues, possibly dupe against old Keep-Alive request

Building geckodriver offline

Unable to build geckodriver when changing dependencies.
But I was using "cargo build", I should be using "./mach build testing/geckodriver"
… but then that does not work with artifact builds

Building geckodriver on macOS/Windows

Building on macOS in try still fails. I’ve needinfo’ed ted but he is on PTO.
I would like to have it in CI, but blocked by the linker not working.
This is because of cross-compilation on macOS.
We are compiling it on Windows?
Yes, but wdspec tests not working.
We are not transferring structured logs between processes?
Is this something jgraham is aware of?
Yes, and he replied to me.
There’s also a bug on digitally signing Windows binaries.

Status updates

(Spoken status updates in bold.)

  • ato
    • Mentoring of jgraham’s interns while he is on PTO
    • Continued work on marionette-window-tracking
    • Recognise WebWindow, ChromeElement, and WebFrame references in clients (bug 1408509)
    • Released geckodriver 0.21.0 (bug 1441204)
    • Making Marionette return recommended values for platformName (bug 1470646)
    • Prefix log messages from frame scripts with outerWindowID (bug 1464469)
    • Pretty-printing [object Attr] (bug 1469307)
    • Drop ContentWebElement.LegacyIdentifier (bug 14002339)
  • henrik
    • Made input type=file webdriver spec conforming
    • Disabled the download of the OpenH264 and Widevine video codec plugins by default for Marionette and geckodriver
    • Started to add user prompt wdspec tests for all commands including parametrization of tests to save hundreds of lines of just duplicated code. For now this is blocked on the refactoring of the 'new_session' fixture, which shouldn't start Firefox that often.
    • Backout of a focus regression since Firefox 25 which didn't let users change the browser window if "focusmanager.testmode" is enabled
    • Limited the numbers of preferences in prefs.rs to those which need a restart of Firefox

PTO/travel (🏖)

  • ato away Wednesday 27th and Friday 29th
  • Henrik away from July 9th - July 20th