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  • Actions followup
    • File issue on WPT, asking for feedback on running certain tests (HTTP auth et al.) in new tabs (whimboo)
  • Progress on marionette_driver deprecation
    • Legacy actions
    • Firefox 68 ESR
  • Outreachy update
    • Marionette Rust library project




Intermittents update (whimboo)

  • [fixed] Android marionette tests are now run on Android 7.0 x86_64 (Bug 1500509)
    • Huge performance win, so all tests can be run in a single chunk
    • formerly each job took about 15-30min, now the single job via packet.net runs about 10min
    • allowed us to re-enable 7 skipped tests, and all the navigation tests for debug builds without running into the zygote top-crash anymore
    • New failure for opening a new focused tab because we don't wait for a focus event (Bug 1499082)
  • [needs feedback] Marionette client hangs 1000s due to channel errors (Bug 1521447)
    • mozprocess fails to kill the process and unexpectedly hangs
    • the exact cause needs still a bit more investigation
  • Lots of Mochitest and Mn failures on Windows10 64bit due to missing sessionstore-windows-restored notification. Maybe having our own marionette-startup-requested notification (bug 1530979) could fix it.

Status updates

(Spoken status updates in bold.)

  • whimboo
    • [marionette] Release marionette_driver 2.8.0 and marionette_harness 4.6.0 (Bug 1530794)
    • [marionette] Tests in test_screen_orientation.py have to wait for orientationchange after setting new orientation (Bug 1529938)
    • [marionette] Remove browsermob-proxy mixin from marionette harness package (Bug 1532919)
    • [marionette] Re-enable skipped Mn unit tests on Android after move to x86_64 (Bug 1533079)
    • [wpt] Run each webdriver test in its own top-browsing context (tab or window) #15676
    • [geckodriver] Package binary of geckodriver into its own artifact (Bug 1493948)
    • [marionette] Add support for the WebDriver Actions API to marionette driver (Bug 1533786)
    • [marionette] Error stack for logging in TimedPromise only contains it's own frame (Bug 1529516)
    • [marionette] New window command can timeout because of missing focus events when switching back to original window (Bug 1523234)
    • [mozprocess] kill sometimes fails on win32 to kill Firefox, and waits forever for process to shutdown (Bug 1521447)

PTO (🌷)

  • ato away:
    • Thursday 14 March
    • Friday 15 March
    • Wednesday 20 March
    • Friday 22 March
    • Week of 25–29 March