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WebRTC is a free, open project that will bring peer-to-peer real-time audio, video and data to the web without plugins, using open web standards. Checkout the WebRTC project page set up by Google for interesting links and details.

Releases & Notes

Product Backlog

Go to WebRTC bugs to search for all open WebRTC bugs (including untriaged and unconfirmed bugs).

Triage Guidelines

The Product Backlog is continually maintained to ensure relative priorities are understood. Individual priority may vary based circumstance.

  • Priorities follow the Firefox Desktop Standard:
    • Priority 1 - Blocker, must-fix before shipping.
    • Priority 2 - Major impact, considering severity × probability. Not a blocker for shipping.
    • Priority 3 - Average Bug. definitely a problem, but doesn't stop someone from using the product.
    • Priority 4 - Minor or polish bugs that are real issues (especially in aggregate) and annoying.
    • Priority 5 - Low-impact. something we'd fix, but mostly only bothers the discerning user. Little impact on usability.
  • RANK: As priority buckets start to have a large amount of bugs in them, the Rank field can be used to call attention to higher or lower rank and provide a way to sort easily in bugzilla. To have some rhyme/reason to the order - Rank should relate to Priority. The "Ranking" number does not need to be unique. Unless there is a reason to for a bug to be considered before (or after) others in the Priority bucket - default to mid-range value.
    • P1 Rank options=1-19, default 15
    • P2 Rank options=20-29, default 25
    • P3 Rank options=30-39, default 35
    • P4 Rank options=40-49, default 45
    • P5 Rank options=50-59, default 55
    • any valid bugs that we don't believe we'll ever put resources on, but would accept patches for, go in "parking-lot" area

  • The Blocking-Flag called "Backlog" track bugs that are approved or not for the Backlog ("webRTC+", "parking lot")
  • QE-Verify is a flag that developers should be setting. QE uses to filter which bugs they check.
    • "+" means that QE should look at the bug and it can be verified with human eyes
    • "-" means QE should not look at
      • Typically QE-verify"-" goes with "in-testsuite" being set to "+", to show testing via another method.
  • "Points" should be set when known (if nothing set - assumed a "1" or very small). Most relevant if taking a bigger bug so we know when bugs are large bits of work.

Filing a bug

  • Open a bug under Product:"Core" || Component: "WebRTC, WebRTC:Audio, WebRTC:Network or WebRTC:Signaling"
    • After triage, bugs will be marked "firefox-blocking", with a Priority, and a Rank
  • If there is a bug that should be considered for taking ASAP - you can mark "firefox-backlog"+
    • Before it can be given a Rank it should:
      • be in an actionable state
      • for defects, the problem is ready for Engineering or UX: diagnosis, measurement, design, or fixing
      • for feature requests or enhancements, it means that there's a clear problem statement or suggestion
      • has a difficulty/user-impact ratio low enough that we can reasonably expect to spend time fixing the bug within the next 6 months

Contributor Engagement

  • Add Whiteboard tag of [well filed] to the well filed bugs to acknowledge that we appreciate the effort and thoroughness
  • Add Whiteboard tag of [good first bug] for contributors to pick up

Project Status

Contacts and Useful Links


Meeting Day of week Pacific Time Eastern Time Central European Time Vidyo Room Notes
"Weekly Stand-up" Wednesday 6:00AM - 6:30AM & 1:30 - 2:00 PM 9:00AM - 9:30PM & 4:30 - 5:00 PM 3:00PM - 3:30PM & - 10:30PM-11:00PM webRTC-Apps etherpad
  • Stand-up = 2 minutes on what have you been working on, planning to work on, and are you blocked. Bring-up topics for longer Discussion at end if needed.
    • Developers and active contributors only need to attend one of the two sessions each week. We have 2 sessions due to the number of very different time zones throughout the team.
    • please update the Stand-up Notes etherpad if you cannot make the meeting (even if it's just to say you're on PTO)
  • IETF Standards Meetings