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This document provides a summary of dogfooding opportunities you can take advantage of to try out the WebRTC APIs.

Conduct a Meeting with a WebRTC Application

With the Nightly and Aurora builds of Firefox or any build of Chrome, you should be able to take advantage of existing chat applications that make use of WebRTC APIs. One of the applications I'd recommend taking advantage of is conversat.io. With this application, you can create a room that can house up to six people and conduct a normal meeting over video chat that relies on WebRTC-based APIs. Examples of how you can use this in your day to day life includes:

  • Conducting a small public meeting for an open source project
  • Conducting a 1:1 between individuals
  • Talk with friends over video chat

For any issues you run into while conducting video chat with WebRTC APIs, feel free to either file a bug or email me directly with your feedback.