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Service Matrix

This is the matrix which describes all of the WebOps supported services. For additional information about this including using non-supported services please refer to the Reference Specification page.

These services link to general project sites and to their respective Puppet modules (BEM, FEM, VFEM). As the various modules are selected or created the links will be updated. In this way you can use this matrix to track the current state of progress towards the v1-beta launch. For more information on the various modules and how they work together, check out the Platform Blueprint.

NOTE: Currently most of the FEMs and VFEMs are placeholders and will be updated as soon as they exist.

Component Type Supported Technology Back End Module (BEM) Front End Module (FEM)
Database MySQL puppetlabs-mysql m::mysql::allinone
Database PostgreSQL puppetlabs-postgresql m::postgresql::allinone
Web Server Apache puppetlabs-apache m::apache::python_vhost
Memory Caching Memcache
Package Management (native only; no custom compiled)
Load Balancing Riverbed/Stingray (Zeus)
SSL Termination Riverbed/Stingray (Zeus)
Web Cache Riverbed/Stingray (Zeus)
Operating System RHEL
Logging (none)
Monitoring New Relic
Monitoring Nagios
Back Ups Bugzilla/SREs
Scheduled Jobs/Async Processing Cron torrancew-puppet-cron
Scheduled Jobs/Async Processing Celery
Search Elasticsearch
User Defined Configuration Management Heat
Queuing RabbitMQ
Key Value Store (none)
Continuous Integration (Use external service like travis-ci)
Storage NetApp NFS
App Engine mod_wsgi, mod_php
Information (Network) Flows/ACLs Bugzilla/NetOps
User Management LDAP Groups in Puppet
Code Deployment Captain / Shove