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What is Web Operations?

Mozilla Web Operations (WebOps) is the team which helps developers and end users deploy and maintain web properties such as:

What can WebOps do for me?

WebOps can help provide you with a successful strategy for hosted deployments. We can help with everything from the design phase through deployment and are happy to consult early in your projects life-cycle. We do it all, a few examples are:

  • We build and maintain web scale clusters
  • We provide for continuous integration
  • We offer consultative services to include:
    • Helping you to identify operational risks and opportunities.
    • Providing education around cloud based, ephemeral resources.
    • The positives and negatives of public vs. private clouds.
    • Cost modeling of different infrastructure solutions.
    • Application performance monitoring (benchmarking, New Relic, graphite, etc)
    • Application tuning (code change suggestions)
  • We provide and maintain a platform for hosted web service deployments.
  • We research and incorporate new technologies into existing frameworks.
  • We are your interface to other IT teams and services by providing:
    • a single point of contact for all of your IT needs
    • a translation layer (we speak IT)
    • excellent customer support
    • an interface from other IT teams to you
  • We can help to provide your application with resiliency and reduced latency utilizing technologies such as:
    • CDNs
    • multi-hosting (hosting on multiple nodes in one datacenter)
    • multi-homing (hosting in multiple datacenters or regions)
  • We are constantly working on better ways to provide automation and self-service including:
    • Tooling to help you self-host your application in a private or public cloud.
    • Tools for application deployments.

But thats not all, we have big plan for the future. We are working on:

  • Providing a seamless platform so that you can focus on your application. This will include:
    • loads more automation for standing up applications (using orchestration templates)
    • a service driven model (allowing you to define services and not worry about the underlying infrastructure)
    • more self-service opportunities (through the use of APIs)
    • built in autoscaling (as defined in the orchestration template)

What won't WebOps do for me?

  • Fix bugs in your code. Sadly, while we are awesome DevOps types we just don't have the time or expertise to debug your code.
  • What else?

How can I get the ball rolling?

First you should check out some of our reference documentation, especially the Service Matrix. This will help to frame the conversation. The next step it to fill out the WebOps request form (coming soon!), or if you are not quite there yet ping us on IRC to set up a quick Vidyo chat.

Where can I learn more?

We have created some awesome docs just for you. We've got it all, from a handy service matrix to downright technical ramblings. So dive right in and let us know if there is anything we haven't got up here yet.

How can I contact WebOps?

  • Drop by during our office hours.
    • When: The first and third Friday of the month from 1200 to 1400 Pacific time.
    • Where: WebOps on Vidyo
  • Reach out to our fearless overlord Sean Rich
  • Ping webops in #it on irc.mozilla.org
  • File a bug for us in Bugzilla (Link to new form once it is finished)