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Get Involved: air.mozilla.org


Air Mozilla is the Internet multimedia presence of Mozilla, with live and pre-recorded shows, interviews, news snippets, tutorial videos, and features about the Mozilla community. It is built with Django as the web framework and Javascript, HTML, CSS on the front-end.



  • Product owner - Richard Milewski
  • TPM - Laura Thomson
  • Developers - Peter Bengtsson
  • Security - Yvan Boily
  • Privacy - Stacey Martin

Filing bugs

The link to file a new bug is: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Webtools&component=Air%20Mozilla You only need to fill in the Summary, Description and possibly the URL. Try to describe as much as possible in your description and remember, screenshots are usually very helpful.

Finding open bugs

All open bugs are listed on Bugzilla. The bugs are sorted by priority from P5 to P1 where P1 are the most "urgent".

To get started, it's recommended you look for bugs that have "[good first bug]" in the Whiteboard field. Here's a list of these at the moment.

Pull requests

If you make a change, the best way to have it landed is to make a pull request on GitHub. If you make a pull request on bug, paste the URL to the pull request into the bug as a new comment.