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Apps Engineering
Team Lead: Fred Wenzel Mailing List:
The Mozilla Apps Engineering team is dedicated to the creation of high-quality apps as a demonstration of technology and distributable via the Firefox Marketplace, advancing the Open Web as a development platform and apps ecosystem.

In detail:

  • Product Development: Creation of high-quality consumer apps, both original ones and in collaboration with strategic partners.
  • Platform innovation: Advancement of the open web apps ecosystem through reference implementations, engineering support for the standardization process and establishment of best practices and reusable entities for apps development.

Web Engineering (formerly Webtools)
Team Lead: Laura Thomson Mailing List:
The Web Engineering team develops, supports, and maintains webapps that help Engineering ship Mozilla products faster and better.
  • We work on tools for the engineering community, like crash reporting and DXR.
  • We also work on many web apps at Mozilla that don't have their own dedicated team.
  • We provide support for web projects that are contributor-led.

Community Platforms (aka SUMDNPUT)
Team Lead: James Socol Mailing List:
We build and maintain our documentation and feedback platforms.
  • To empower the Mozilla community and foster innovation by creating powerful platforms.
  • To build, maintain, and improve applications that grow and leverage our community to continually improve Mozilla's products like Firefox.
  • To find innovative ways to use platforms to drive communication between projects.

Team Lead: Wil Clouser Mailing List:
We're building a Marketplace for the open web. It will include:
  • personalized discovery, worldwide distribution, and easy payments
  • be imbued with Mozilla's principles of transparency, user control, and open innovation that locked-down platforms lack
  • rock your socks

Web Production
Team Lead: Chris More Mailing List:
We are the Web Productions team. We help Mozilla create compelling and innovative web products including,, and many more!


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Here is a list of documented webtools/websites. If they don't have any documentation, feel free to add it.

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