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Get Involved: crash-stats.mozilla.org (Socorro)



Socorro is a server to accept and process Breakpad crash reports from Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.

Getting Started


Mentored Bugs

ID Summary Priority Status
427585 the default search behavior on topcrasher should be to sort numbers descending, not ascending -- NEW
461438 server status cron should delete old records from db -- NEW
518823 indicate bug's status for bugzilla keyword topcrash -- NEW
525500 Create an installation check page P1 NEW
606630 Human readable build dates -- REOPENED
614971 Specify the last changeset (and the repository?) in the "Details" table P5 NEW
659887 File a bug link should include the version of application that the crash was reported against P5 NEW
679445 Links for all platforms on nightly build go to the same place P5 NEW
788061 [socorro-crashstats] product and version into URL instead of HTTP params -- NEW
794645 Separate views from mat views in the docs -- NEW
797557 [socorro-crashstats] let isodate do all the date input parsing -- NEW
799740 Update last_record() function to report on all tables in schema -- NEW
804684 [socorro-crashstats] Refactor IDs with uppercase. -- NEW
849249 [crontabber] Change logging to say 'scheduled to run at' instead of 'on' -- NEW
866776 Make fakedata script generate raw dumps -- NEW
918379 Tool for topcrash keyword maintenance -- NEW
1035144 Add AsyncShutdownTimeout to the crash signature -- NEW

17 Total; 17 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);