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Getting Started


Mentored Bugs

These bugs are good for your first contribution to MDN code. Each bug has a mentor assigned who can help you get started.

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
680904 bug: opera redirects to japanese [type:bug][tech=django]
789016 When referrer is not set, trying to save changes results in "Permission Denied" error [specification][type:bug][specification-comment:11]
839559 Section editing [specification][type:feature][mentor=groovecoder]
859499 Language selectors should show both localized and "local" versions of language name [specification][type:change][localization][triaged][pm-wanted]
1036123 Remove static/hard-coded pages and redirect or replace with wiki pages [specification][type:change]
1062538 Should be able to collapse the Title/TOC/Rendering-max-age area after opening it [specification][type:change]
1078699 Resources are accessible by slug [bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1108471 Highlight meta data changes at Compare Revisions page [specification][type:feature]
1108474 Let the button to compare revisions scroll with the page [specification][type:feature][good first bug] Jamon Camisso [:jamon]
1111062 [CKEditor 4] Section names in style popup are horizontally cramped [specification][type:bug]
1114650 Django session is dropped [specification][type:bug][good first bug][back-end][django]
1115952 Following a redirect to a non-existing page leads to ugly message [specification][type:bug]
1117649 In "Skill level" filter in search, put Intermediate between Learning and Expert [specification][type:change][in-backlog] Abhishek Kusnoor
1119882 TOCs long enough to scroll lack bottom padding
1134584 Firefox OS 1.0.1 is not being accepted as a valid version [bc:infra][bc:milestone=scooter] John Whitlock [:jwhitlock]
1139906 [Search] Add throttle to Search JSON API endpoint [specification][type:change][tech:django-rest-framework]
1153329 Rename project to match browsercompat.org [good first bug][bc:infra][bc:milestone=motorbike]
1159047 Caution users that all profile fields are public [specification][type:change]
1159344 Reverting a browser should attempt to revert versions order [bc:infra][bc:milestone=car]
1159349 Allow reverting deletes [bc:infra][bc:milestone=car]
1159363 Add Location header to resource-creating POST responses [bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1163687 Add revision comments to first-edit notification message [specification][type:change]
1168455 Add general email server to browsercompat.herokuapp.com [bc:infra][bc:milestone=motorbike]
1170214 Limit notes to HTML subset [bc:infra][bc:milestone=motorbike]
1171988 Restrict API actions by role [bc:infra][bc:milestone=car]
1179857 Hosts configuration missing from install docs
1180573 Standardized flag is wrong [bc:infra][bc:milestone=scooter]
1181639 Add "Is redirect" to the filters available in the Django document list [specification][type:change]
1182346 Search UI: remove doc icon for small-medium viewport sizes on search results page
1184266 Add an 80-column indicator to the <pre> box styling when editing [specification][type:feature]
1185750 Give offscreen class same visual treatment as hidden in editor
1195467 A version should be unique for a browser [bc:infra][bc:milestone=bicycle]
1195518 upload_data tool fails with data_id collision on existing database [bc:infra][bc:milestone=bicycle]
1197210 Allow adding new MDN feature pages [bc:infra][bc:milestone=scooter]
1198985 Adjust handling of <pre> tags with brush class [bc:infra][bc:milestone=scooter]
1199483 Implement Correct Labels on Chrome Browser Table [bc:infra][bc:front][bc:milestone=plane]
1205451 Table sort: If the sort text starts with a macro call, sort based on the value of the macro's first parameter
1213852 "Edit Your Profile" user-title shows auth icon for signed-in user [specification][type:bug]
1217561 Support searching for IPs in revision IP list [specification][type:feature] Justin Crawford [:hoosteeno] [:jcrawford]
1224345 Validation errors on view_feature become ISEs [bc:infra][bc:milestone=scooter]
1226611 Redirect static CSS examples to wiki pages
1227564 Remove the "Convert to content zone" option from the gear menu [specification][type:change]
1229170 [stage] visiting /v1/view_features/fox causes a SystemExit exception [type:bug][bc:infra][bc:milestone=bicycle]
1229785 No HTTP 410 error page [bc:infra][bc:front][bc:milestone=car]
1230584 Improve browsable API for creating and updating resources [bc:infra][bc:milestone=bicycle]
1230592 Logging into API should return to the pre-login page [specification][type:bug][bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1230597 Add permission for changing slugs [bc:infra][bc:milestone=bicycle]
1230615 Add /Add-ons to MDN feature set [bc:infra][bc:milestone=motorbike]
1240785 Convert required feature.slug to optional feature.aliases [bc:infra][bc:milestone=bicycle]
1242606 Some pages not re-imported by import_mdn tool [bc:infra][bc:milestone=scooter]
1242649 Error responses should use "source" attribute, JSON Pointers [bc:infra][bc:milestone=scooter]
1242664 Implement POST/DELETE for updating to-many relations [bc:infra][bc:milestone=scooter]
1242703 Pagination links are in wrong place for /api/v2/view_features/<id>?child_pages=1 [type:bug][bc:infra][bc:milestone=scooter]
1242825 Add link to CSS Style Guide over text editor
1242959 v2 API should not support PUT [bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1242960 Restrict DELETE on changesets [bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1242981 Use instance cache for v2 API related links [bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1242982 Use instance cache for v2 relationship links [bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1243190 Support "include" parameter [specification][type:bug][bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1243195 Support "sort" parameter [specification][type:bug][bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1243205 Support updates through related links in a v2 API [specification][type:bug][bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1243217 Return 409 Conflict when type and id do not match URL in v2 API [specification][type:bug][bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]:
1243225 Fully implement the JSON API v1.0 specification as the v2 API [specification][type:feature][bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1246192 Extract localizable strings from API user interfaces [bc:infra][bc:l10n][bc:milestone=scooter]
1246978 Track production errors with an error service [specification][type:feature][bc:infra][bc:milestone=motorbike]
1247983 Test load performance with and without instance cache [specification][type:feature][bc:infra][bc:milestone=motorbike]
1252973 Support "fields" parameter [specification][type:bug][bc:infra][bc:milestone=spaceship]
1256189 Tag written in the editor is shown in a wrong way when live
1259503 Sites served without CSS after production deploys to CSS changes
1277388 Missing space in French translation on edit pages [specification][type:bug][mozfr-community]

70 Total; 70 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

PatchWelcome Bugs

These bugs are good for more advanced contributions to MDN code that will make a big impact on the site. The bug may or may not have a mentor, and it may take more work than a simple mentored bug.

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
818673 Encourage people to add revision comments [triaged][type:feature][patchwelcome][difficulty=intermediate]
1082603 Add a site tour feature [specification][type:feature][patchwelcome][difficulty:intermediate]
1169768 Clarify or remove "Edit email" feature [specification][type:change][patchwelcome]
1174184 Pressing tab key while editing in <pre> (code snippet) boxes doesn't work anymore [specification][type:bug][patchwelcome][difficulty:intermediate][difficulty=intermediate]
1202177 FEEDBACK->Report a content problem should include URL of current page | MDN [patchwelcome]
1219354 Add page URL parameter to the "Report a content problem" link in the Feedback menu [specification][type:change][patchwelcome][difficulty=easy]
1219383 "No textarea" warning in console on edit pages [patchwelcome]
1227960 Add missing top "Previous" link to Revision History [patchwelcome][difficulty=intermediate]

8 Total; 8 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);