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The MDN web docs is Mozilla's technical resource for web developers - containing documentation for open web technologies.

Getting Started

We use Docker for development and deployment. Docker works reasonable well for backend development on a macOS or Linux environment. There are additional steps required for front-end development. No staff developers use Windows, and you will need previous Docker experience on Windows to get a development environment working.

We're triaging incoming bugs and legacy bugs (oldest first), and marking good first bugs by adding a mentor. We also annotate with a Level of Difficulty ([lod:]) and a Point system (points:). Smaller numbers generally mean easier issues. See the MDN Triage Process for details.

Staff developers are currently focused on tuning MDN for AWS and reducing existing technical debt. MDN has a mature codebase, and there's not much new development, which means there aren't a lot of good first bugs. We're not aware of other Mozilla projects that are in a better position for new contributors.

Here's how to contribute to Kuma:


Mentored Bugs

These bugs are good for your first contribution to MDN code. Each bug has a mentor assigned who can help you get started.

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PatchWelcome Bugs

These bugs are good for more advanced contributions to MDN code that will make a big impact on the site. The bug may or may not have a mentor, and it may take more work than a simple mentored bug.

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