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The Mozilla Developer Network is our technical resource for developers - including documentation and demo's for Mozilla and open web technologies.

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Mentored Bugs

ID Summary Priority Status
987818 Unwanted size in "Insert Live Code Sample iFrame" dialog box -- UNCONFIRMED
859379 compare url allows arbitrary doc slug -- NEW
753563 Support username changes -- NEW
797845 Disable save button if no edits have been made -- NEW
858958 Make dates in Kuma timezone-aware -- NEW
859499 Language selectors should show both localized and "local" versions of language name -- NEW
875062 Social sharing for MDN pages -- NEW
945279 can't edit profiles if account email is on multiple accounts -- NEW
789016 When referrer is not set, trying to save changes results in "Permission Denied" error P2 NEW
793279 Need a way to see more than the few most recent changes by a user P2 NEW
680904 bug: opera redirects to japanese -- REOPENED
719651 Profile field validation for LinkedIn is not valid for international profiles -- REOPENED

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)