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The Mozilla Developer Network is our technical resource for developers - including documentation and demo's for Mozilla and open web technologies.

Getting Started


Mentored Bugs

These bugs are good for your first contribution to MDN code. Each bug has a mentor assigned who can help you get started.

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
680904 bug: opera redirects to japanese [type:bug][tech=django]
789016 When referrer is not set, trying to save changes results in "Permission Denied" error [specification][type:bug][specification-comment:11]
839559 Section editing [specification][type:feature][mentor=groovecoder]
859499 Language selectors should show both localized and "local" versions of language name [specification][type:change][localization][triaged][pm-wanted]
875062 Social sharing for MDN pages [specification][type:feature]
916229 Automatically update community stats on homepage [specification][type:feature]
1012106 Icon for Language is available in Font Awesome [specification][type:bug]
1036123 Remove static/hard-coded pages and redirect or replace with wiki pages [specification][type:change]
1064209 Message for restoring or discarding a draft should gives date/time info of the saved draft
1091742 Add rel="nofollow" to wiki links that don't need to be indexed Luke Crouch [:groovecoder] (lcrouch)
1104093 Caching tracking bug Jannis Leidel [:jezdez] (jezdez)
1108471 Highlight meta data changes at Compare Revisions page [specification][type:feature]
1108474 Let the button to compare revisions scroll with the page [specification][type:feature][good first bug] Jamon Camisso [:jamon] (jamon)
1111062 [CKEditor 4] Section names in style popup are horizontally cramped [specification][type:bug]
1114650 Django session is dropped [specification][type:bug][good first bug][back-end][django]
1115952 Following a redirect to a non-existing page leads to ugly message [specification][type:bug]
1117649 In "Skill level" filter in search, put Intermediate between Learning and Expert [specification][type:change] Abhishek Kusnoor (abhishek.kusnoor)
1119882 TOCs long enough to scroll lack bottom padding
1120821 Field validation for LinkedIn profile links in MDN User Profile doesn't validate URLs with IDs [specification][type:bug][patchwelcome]
1132640 Cache more of the dev VM files [specification][type:feature]
1139836 A few strings cannot be localized [specification][type:bug][tech:django][tech:gettext]
1139906 [Search] Add throttle to Search JSON API endpoint [specification][type:change][tech:django-rest-framework]
1158231 Edit demo styles to make buttons match MDN buttons
1158888 Automatically add a revision comment when review flags are removed [specification][type:change]
1159047 Caution users that all profile fields are public [specification][type:change]
1163687 Add revision comments to first-edit notification message [specification][type:change]

26 Total; 26 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

PatchWelcome Bugs

These bugs are good for more advanced contributions to MDN code that will make a big impact on the site. The bug may or may not have a mentor, and it may take more work than a simple mentored bug.

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
818673 Encourage people to add revision comments [triaged][type:feature][patchwelcome][difficulty=intermediate]
842340 Allow people to receive notification of changes to any page in a subtree [specification][type:feature][LOE:5] [patchwelcome][difficulty=expert]
1082603 Add a site tour feature [specification][type:feature][patchwelcome][difficulty:intermediate]
1120821 Field validation for LinkedIn profile links in MDN User Profile doesn't validate URLs with IDs [specification][type:bug][patchwelcome]
1156233 Add odd/even styling for tables to improve readability [specification][type:feature][patchwelcome][difficulty:easy]
1157849 Add parameters to front-page link to Dev Edition [specification][type:change][patchwelcome]
1159634 <h5> font is too small [specification][type:bug][patchwelcome]

7 Total; 7 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);