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Firefox Input is the user feedback system for Mozilla. Additionally, it holds some tools for analysis of the feedback.

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Mentored Bugs

ID Summary Priority Status
990777 Input favicon looks bad on retina displays -- NEW
991291 move dashboard css to analytics/ app -- NEW
910789 update fjord sampledata generation to include api-like data -- NEW
854479 ui-bg_highlight-soft_100_eeeeee_1x100.png is a 404 -- NEW
975140 handle utm_source and utm_campaign in Input API P1 NEW
975141 Firefox OS form should support utm_source and utm_campaign P1 NEW
978770 /feedback/fxos redirects to /downloadfirefox in browsers that aren't Firefox P1 NEW
925944 "2 minutes ago" text is not localizable P3 NEW

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)