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Pontoon is an in-place localization tool. That means it enables localizers to translate web apps and websites right inside an app or website, with context and spatial limitations just in front of them. It is incredible.

Code & Contacts

Mentored Bugs

ID Summary Priority Status
1161687 [intro] Add RTL support P4 NEW
1179956 Set EXCLUDES setting via environment and improve how we pull settings from the env P5 NEW
1216785 [translate] Pontoon should refresh after undo close tab P3 NEW
1243137 [translate] Presentation of empty strings P3 NEW
1268841 Provide a way to insert placeables via shortcuts P3 NEW
1315234 Partially translated/suggested pluralized strings are treated as missing P3 NEW
1317230 Authenticated users should be redirected to their locale home page when opening https://pontoon.mozilla.org/ P2 NEW
1335331 As a user, I want the ability to change email address P3 NEW
1343804 Add ability to save and edit team information P3 NEW
1363164 [notifications] Show latest notifications in notifications popup P2 NEW
1369976 [translate] Add ability to sort resources by completion in the resource menu P3 NEW
1374050 Pontoon has low quality images on HiDPI displays P4 NEW
1382535 Text area content should not be emptied when removing all elements from history P3 NEW
1383483 Set white background to the #source iframe P2 NEW

14 Total; 14 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);