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Pontoon is Mozilla's official localization tool. It's the place where our numerous contributors go to translate Firefox (and many other Mozilla products) into their favored language. Pontoon offers support for a large variety of translation technologies, including Fluent, and also supports in-context localization, allowing users to translate content right inside the website or web application.

Pontoon is ever-growing with features, new languages, and constantly evolving to make good use of recent Web technologies.

Technologies we use: django, jQuery, React, GraphQL.

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Mentored Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1468840 [sync] Obsolete Resources instead of deleting them P2 ASSIGNED
1693321 [notifications] Link for new strings should point to missing strings P3 NEW
1698636 Pontoon picks the wrong folder format for locales (underscore instead of hyphens) P3 NEW
1703773 Sync should run locales in order of locale code, not language name P3 NEW

4 Total; 4 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);