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Get Involved: reps.mozilla.org


The Mozilla Reps site is where Mozilla Reps report their activities and share the events they run. There are both front-end and back-end development opportunities, and we have mentors to help you with your first contributions.

Code & Contacts

Mentored Bugs

ID Summary Priority Status
833026 Multiple event attendees should be a grid -- REOPENED
933375 Only show current and future votes on the first vote listing page -- NEW
1041863 Mentorship dashboard shows a reassigned mentee's name for both old and new mentor -- ASSIGNED
1120564 Meeting confirmation problem -- NEW
1127296 Add multiple event organizers on the reps portal -- NEW
1228433 Profile pics are squeezed for smaller resolutions -- NEW
1241115 The structure of this site( http://mentorship.mozillareps.org/ ) Reps display has not correct in certain case. -- ASSIGNED
1288802 Misplaced down arrow, in select initiave dropbox -- REOPENED
1295904 Stats on mobile site -- NEW

9 Total; 9 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);