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Webdev Meeting
Date: January 6th, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM Pacific
How to Join
Teleconferencing: Room 9 798
IRC: #webdev on irc.mozilla.org

Webdev Extravaganzas are open to the public and serve as a gathering point for anyone in the Mozilla community who is interested in web development and what Mozilla has been doing in it.

The meeting will be streamed and recorded on Air Mozilla: https://air.mozilla.org/webdev-extravaganza-january-2015/

A blog post summarizing the event is available: http://blog.mozilla.org/webdev/2015/01/09/webdev-extravaganza-january-2015/

Shipping Celebration

What did we ship this month? Alternatively, what didn't we ship to spare the world the horror?

  • (peterbe) Socorro abandoned HBase (our own cluster) for AWS S3 to store all crashes
    • (note: peterbe had nothing to do with this work but proud of his colleagues)
  • (Osmose) Fundraising snippets on about:home of all kinds, in cooperation with Mofo (thecount, andreawood, gvn, and more!)
  • (craigcook) Recent mozilla.org stuff:
  • (craigcook) Migrated quality.mozilla.org (QMO) to our single shared WordPress instance (formerly a standalone blog) with a new theme. https://quality.mozilla.org (props to pragmatic)
  • (erikrose) peep 2.0 shipped!
  • (peterbe, not on vidyo due to broadband) ALL archived videos on air.mozilla.org have been extracted into 10-20 JPEGs to be used as icons instead of uploaded logos.
  • (erikrose) You can add things to Firefox's context menu.

Open-Source Citizenship

Any updates with our libraries or with libraries we use? Anyone looking for help with a library they maintain?

  • (willkg) (unspoken update) I stepped down as maintainer of ElasticUtils and deprecated the project. If you're using it, consider switching to elasticsearch-dsl (http://elasticsearch-dsl.readthedocs.org/en/latest/). We hang out on #elasticsearch on irc.mozilla.org if you want to drop by and talk about it.
  • (irc nick) Topic

New Hires / Interns / Volunteers / Contributors

Anyone new that we want to induct into the secret order? Paid, unpaid, contract, doesn't matter!

  • (irc nick of new person) New Person


Anything else to talk about?

  • (irc nick) Topic
  • (jgmize) Devops Extravaganza?
  • (lonnen) minor reorg - r1cky now a full time engineer, r1cky and crew report to lonnen now