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Webdev Meeting
Date: March 7th, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM Pacific
How to Join
Teleconferencing: Room 9 798
IRC: #webdev on irc.mozilla.org

Webdev Extravaganzas are open to the public and serve as a gathering point for anyone in the Mozilla community who is interested in web development and what Mozilla has been doing in it.

The meeting will be streamed and recorded on Air Mozilla: https://air.mozilla.org/webdev-extravaganza-march-2017/

Shipping Celebration

What did we ship this month? Alternatively, what didn't we ship to spare the world the horror?

Open-Source Citizenship

Any updates with our libraries or with libraries we use? Anyone looking for help with a library they maintain?

New Hires / Interns / Volunteers / Contributors

Anyone new that we want to induct into the secret order? Paid, unpaid, contract, doesn't matter!

  • (irc nick of new person) New Person


Anything else to talk about?

  • [garbas] In the summer of 2016 we (in RelEng) decided to use Elm to build our frontends. After 6 months and 10k lines of Elm I can finally share our experience with Elm.
  • (groovecoder) Contact Sandra Persing about doing a Developer Roadshow event in your town - it's very cool
  • (ErikRose) Want to debug mocha tests in Chrome? Upgrade to node 7.6, mocha 3.2. Run mocha --inspect --debug-brk. Put "debugger;" in your code.
  • (irc nick) Topic