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  • Webdev past, present and future (morgamic)
  • Mozilla Marketplace and open web apps (kumar)
  • Marketplace Consumer UI - lessons learned, and ninjitsu majiks (potch)
  • Identity - what we're doing with persona.org (ednapiranha)
  • Web Application Security (mcoates)
  • Recruiting & Hiring (kimber, brad, morgamic)
  • Agile & Scrumbu.gs (groovecoder, pmac, r1cky, et al)
  • Backbone.js (r1cky, potch)
  • GPG / PGP tag signing in Git (lonnen)
  • Stop using Firebug now: you can do it! (kumar)


  • Culture: dissecting The No Asshole Rule (morgamic)
  • Deployment and IT (jakem, jsocol)
  • Web community in your town (groovecoder)
  • MozCamp LatAm 2012 (r1cky)
  • Web components (dbuc)
  • django-statsd tips and tricks (andym)
  • Infrastructure for virtualization (peterbe)
  • Deferreds and how JS can suck less, from a Python developer (jsocol)
  • WebSockets faster than AJAX? (peterbe)
  • Socorro's configman revolution (lars)


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