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Web Production
Team Lead: Chris More Mailing List:
We are the Web Productions team. We help Mozilla create compelling and innovative web products including,, and many more!

Do you have a question and don't know who to ask? Come chat with us at #webprod on IRC or e-mail the team. Read below to learn more about what we do and who we are.

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To help Mozilla create compelling and innovative web products.

  • Provide technical project management for web products.
  • Create world-class user-facing websites, applications, and web-based campaigns.
  • Helping other teams achieve their web-related goals as internal consultants and technical experts.
  • Foster communication between product owners and all technical teams involved.
  • Document web development processes and best practices for internal and external teams.
  • Removing blockers and keeping momentum in projects.
  • Collaborate with the greater Web Development community.

The following are some of the properties and application that we manage:

Tools and Services:


Why do we need a team focused on building websites?

  • Ensure consistency, standardization, and quality of our websites.
  • Manage scope and timeline to keep projects on track and lean.
  • Improve efficiency in all aspects of the project life cycle.
  • Prioritizing tasks and projects based on goals that help "move the needle".
  • Making "pretty" designs a web reality.
  • Baking continuous improvement into everything we do.


Our technical project managers (TPM) are official called Web Product Engineers (WPE) and instead of engineering code, they engineer and manage the entire life cycle of a technical web project. They are project managers that have experience in web development, project management, people management, and helping keep project teams happy and productive.

We have both front-end and back-end engineers that develop and implement the code that runs the web properties that we manage. We also now have a full-time Information Architecture and UX designer on the team that will help ensure that what we do on the web is focused on the user and always improving.

A few people in our team are identified as having special expertise about a topic that we deal with, such as testing or localization. We call these people Champions, and you can read more information and see a list of the current champions on the Champions page.

Our Web Makers (in alphabetical order)

Mike Alexis

Program Manager for

Mike is responsible for managing process and implementation.

Contact Mike

Jennifer Bertsch

Product Manager, Websites

Jen is responsible for Mozilla's website strategy and product road map.

Contact Jennifer

Craig Cook

Web Developer

Craig is a HTML5, CSS, WordPress wizard!

Contact Craig

Justin Crawford

Web Product Engineer

Justin is a technical project manager with a background in web development.

Contact Justin

Gareth Cull

Web Analytics and Optimization Engineer

Gareth is responsible for Google Analytics implementation and training for all Mozilla websites including A/B testing tools and methodologies.

Contact Gareth

Alex Gibson

Front-end Web Developer

Alex is one of the primary front-end developers on

Contact Alex

Holly Habstritt

UX Lead & Information Architect

Holly performs research, developments and creates website content tests, and provides user experience expertise across all of our websites.

Contact Holly

Andrei Hajdukewycz

Web Developer

Andrei is front and back end developer with experience on Contact Andrei

Michael Kelly

Web Developer

Michael is a back-end developer across many of our campaign websites including about:home snippets.

Contact Michael

Giorgos Logiotatidis

Web Developer Giorgos is web developer on both Mozilla Reps and Mozillians.

Contact Giorgos

Paul McLanahan

Web Developer

Paul is a back-end developer and is the creator of the wildly successful Scrumbugs tool that multiple Mozilla teams use to manage their project.

Contact Paul

Josh Mize

Web Developer

Josh is a back-end developer on and Mobile Partners.

Contact Paul

Chris More

Web Productions Manager

Chris is responsible for the process, standards and management of the Web Productions Team and building relationship throughout the organization for teams that need Web Development services.

Contact Chris

Benjamin Sternthal

Web Development Manager

Ben manages of our web developers and also provides technical project management on some special projects.

Contact Ben