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Open Items

  • IT items
    • RHEL - what are we doing about packages, etc.?
    • What do we need to do to prepare for Python in production?
      • need 2.6 RPMs for django
      • 2.6 RPMs are broken, probably need to rebuild
    • What about using something like Slicehost, Rackspace or EC2 for quick spin VMs for testing/development?
    • Where can we view performance graphs?
    • http://nm-dash01.nms.mozilla.org/munin/
  • Minimum performance level for new and current sites?
    • B in YSlow
    • 350k page weight (aka total page size)
    • 3s page load time on DSL? (Hard to measure accurately, http://www.webpagetest.org)



  • Working on SFx 3.0.4
  • Looking to launch new Campus Reps design this week
    • old
    • new (user: sfx, pass: sfx)
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers


  • so many reviews
  • 5.0.9 is looking good. Code freeze is on 8/20; Launch on 8/27
  • I think bug 501988 might be landing this time around so if you're not paying attention to that, heads up.


  • Initial parts of AMO search are under review/revision - thanks Wil/Jeff
  • Fennec... will be due in 2 months... permanently.
  • Anthrax


  • AMO 5.0.9, add-on recommendations
  • fixing XSS holes I create
  • reviewing davedash stuff, eek!
  • new bugzilla blocker jetpack I stole from davedash's greasemonkey script
  • bosley responds to privmsgs, can report on open connections
    • but doesn't leak connections now that I'm watching, way to go
  • jsocol stole Crash Test Dummies, so No Doubt


  • getting started on SUMO p10n
    • immersing myself in Tiki Wiki and Smarty templates
  • introducing myself from time to time
  • let's say Everclear, but at the time it was Nirvana


  • More PTO app enhancements
  • Turn the Lights Back On™ web app less crazy than previously thought
  • Phonebook todo
    • email autocomplete service for PTO
    • taskfox integration
    • admin editing not working yet
  • sendmail borkage on intranet.m.o?



  • SUMO productization
  • I'm with clouserw on the code reviews - 50 last week?
  • Hard to pick just one...but Pixies it is. Or maybe Powderfinger. Yes I like whiny guitar bands and I'm proud.


  • BYOB continues...
  • AMO bugs have come my way
  • The Pixies are the 90's for me too, though I'll pick a different song than Laura.
    • Though, I have to say, I had a strange attraction to Gorky Park which lingered on into the 90's.


  • Working on a number of stat dashboard AMO bugs
  • I've made tentative peace with Timeplot
  • I was a huge Dream Theater fan in the 90's


  • Conquered RHEL
  • "Finished" getpersonas l10n stuff
  • Most certainly Radiohead (OK Computer anyone?)



  • kinda busy
  • BYOB mocks, nearly there
  • Labs 2.0 spit 'n' polish, getting ready for launch this week
  • SUMO Forum UX wireframes
  • AMO Personas integration
  • AMO contributions
  • Moved!
  • Related: MozTO has a new office setup
  • Yo La Tengo is all kinds of awesome (and still together), Sonic Youth comes close.



  • onebillionplusyou.com optimizations
  • mod_concat stuff
  • Labs 2.0 site
  • Working with YSlow team on new beacon format
  • Rage Against the Machine


  • 5.0.9 bugs are coming and going for the validator
  • Already fixed a bunch of small tweaks here and there
  • Great feedback from the blog, editors, etc. Keep it coming!
  • Next version will run tests automatically on upload - see bug 498679 if you have feedback or ideas on this.
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


  • Went to Berlin for l10n-drivers meeting.
    • had lots of discussions on problems with our web l10n
    • Will blog about it this week, in three parts. Part 1 ("what's wrong?") is online [1].
  • fixed a bunch of AMO 5.0.9 bugs
  • favorite 90s band is probably Green Day.