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Open Items

  • IT
    • Disk space issues - bug 513773
      • mrz messed up nagios check from last time
      • Apache is dumping core, filled up /tmp
      • Support stage is still down, need to monitor what caused that
  • For discussion: Mozilla "Projector"
  • Videos - standards for videos on mozilla.com (open video with Flash fallback)
  • Improving round table - do by project instead of per person?



  • Sfx
  • Getpersonas.com
    • Student signatures competition pages.
    • Fixing any bugs blocking the student signatures pages.
  • Campus Badges
    • Background until I have a good wiki: This project will be a pilot project for a rewrite of the current Affiliates program backend, including new metrics tools using Kettle, a new data warehouse, new admin panels, better metrics feeds, and more.
    • Started writing up technical docs
    • Started laying out rough unit tests and prototype
  • 1 AMO bug
  • Back burner
    • Community store.
  • Labor day was great.
    • Played lots of Dominoes
    • Ate tons of great food.
    • Tried out Kohana v3 rc3, found some bugs, fixed some of them. It's supposed to be released this month


  • At djangocon
  • Fennec coming soon site out live
  • Working on dumping images out of the database for AMO... seems easy, which must mean it'll be hard once we go to production ;)
  • I flew into PDX for labor day and hung out with 40+ nerds at a restaurant.


  • at djangocon
  • rocking the AMO developer hub
  • tinkering with cesium
  • 10 miles in Marin Headlands: http://bit.ly/Uuy5b


  • Working on SUMO forums.
  • One AMO bug - will ask Wil about it this week.
  • Labor day: put together furniture, not terribly exciting, but necessary.


  • massive phonebook refactoring, broke it a few times, but fewer than I'd expect it to break
  • Clapclap is now on ringring with APNG and @font-face goodness, https://ringring.mv.mozilla.com/clapclap/
  • moving internal tools to HTML 5
  • localizing Ubiquity
  • MozBeat
  • didn't do anything special on Labor Day, but the day before:
    • went to the Computer History Museum
    • explored the Stevens Creek Trail
    • went to watch Gamer


  • reprise of OSCON presentation for the Portland LUG at PSU.
  • reworked Socorro processor to save addon info - staging this week
  • standby assistance to getting the effing materialized view stuff pushed
  • sick, sick, sick - meds thru end of the week make me dizzy, sleepy, nauseous and cranky


  • SUMO
    • SUMO 1.3 is cooked and going out tonight
    • Fennec SUMO is blocked on Fennec team (waiting on info) - we branched it from 1.3 and will be getting up a staging server this week
    • More work and discussions with Tiki community
  • SSO
  • Labor day
    • Saturday and Sunday: opening of foxchasing season, seeing friends, eating a lot of awesome vegetarian food.
    • Monday: collapse from exhaustion


  • Dragging BYOB toward the door
  • Juggling plugins in a database
  • Played Castle Crashers with the missus and whipped up a couple of Palm Pre apps.


  • AMO Developer's Hub
    • Finished promo boxes
    • Started on event listings
  • Fixed a few annoyances with public stats dashboard
  • Added localized number formatting to Timeplot - yay!
  • Labor day was all about delicious Thai food



  • BYOB final tweaks
  • AMO: Top tags wireframes, surfacing add-on practices, working through data and doing sketches for performance badges
  • SUMO: handed over designy bits for "ask a question" redesign & advanced search, did some sketching and wireframe for ask a question landing page
  • started looking at SFX CSS bugs
  • Went swimming with the boy while planes flew over our neighbourhood (see johnath's photos on flickr)


  • MozService09 shipped ko, pl, and sq
  • Fixed some bugs like email subject encoding
  • working with Les on the PluginCheck project
  • Helping with materialized view work on Socorro
  • Went to a wedding in Mt Rainier


  • worked on cesium, got firefox automagically running and beaconing results
  • minor mobile work for marketing
  • updated Performance wiki page
  • working on AMO developer hub
    • fighting with vpn to connect to cm-webdev01-master01
  • went to Los Gatos, ate some delicious eggs benedict, played too much Forza Motorsport 2, took a trip to Pacifica


  • did some serious AMO 5.1 CSS work (Screenshot 1, 2, 3)
  • Worked on figuring out Verbatim Alpha performance issues. It's faster now, but will also switch from SQLite to MySQL, but not before I leave.
  • wrapping everything up before going to get married and on our honeymoon
  • Labor Day activity: work, cause it's not a German holiday ;) Also, failed at buying a cowboy hat, as that store was the only one I know to observe Labor Day.


  • Fixed some AMO bugs and reviewed a bunch of patches
  • 5.1 is looking great.
  • wrote zxtm-api. It's a library to flush stuff from Zeus
  • Went to the beach and a going away party