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Open Items




  • AMO search bugs
  • Image dumping from AMO
  • USS Macon


  • shoved personas into AMO
  • thinking about how awesome AMOv4 (zamboni) is going to be
  • going to yosemite friday
  • I used to get mad air jumping off my roof with a towel parachute


  • SUMO 1.4.1 is baked and cooling on the windowsill.
  • Starting reviews for 1.4.2, 23/24 bugs have patches.
  • Making progress on getting more community involvement in web dev:
    • Web dev is mentioned on the Moz.org Get Involved page.
    • Have two connections via Volunteer Match (and Volunteer Toronto).
    • Blog/tweet/spread the word!
  • Hummingbird Flying Platform



  • resolved Socorro Materialized view stuff
    • wrote new tests to avoid regression
    • now waiting on IT for deployment
  • wasted a day looking at a Socorro performance regression
    • ended up being an IT issue
  • examining Collector to reduce bottlenecks in prep for a 10x traffic increase
    • sketched out several required changes
  • Reading about RESTful design
    • got several Pythonic data mining solutions needing a web service wrapper
    • nudges in the right direction welcomed
  • too much thrashing on context switches
    • concerned about not being productive enough
    • trying to find large blocks of uninterrupted time for coding
    • trying to ignore IRC but concerned about being branded as unresponsive



  • Was in MV last week
  • BYOB planning
  • Press Center blogification sprint.
  • Plugin check / PFS2 gone live
    • Next steps meeting today. Directory / definition editor next?
  • Birthday is this weekend (10/24), taking off Fri and Mon
  • Favorite flying machine, a tie between:



  • 5 years of firefox
  • Blog post and web rewriting for plugin checker
  • Blocklist craziness
  • Other usual overhead stuff
  • SR-71 Blackbird - It's so badass that it has to refuel right after it takes off. The plane is built to expand at high speeds so it actually leaks fuel on the ground. "To allow for thermal expansion at the high operational temperatures the fuselage panels were manufactured to fit only loosely on the ground. Proper alignment was only achieved when the airframe heated due to air resistance at high speeds, causing the airframe to expand several inches. Because of this, and the lack of a fuel sealing system that could handle the thermal expansion of the airframe at extreme temperatures, the aircraft would leak JP-7 jet fuel onto the runway before it took off."


  • Getfirebug.com redesign prep
  • SUMO UX research-a-rama
  • Mozilla students page content changes and tweaks
  • superman


  • We launched PluginCheck
  • Working on LDAP Auth for Socorro
  • Preparing PluginCheck for L10n
  • Flying Robot Lion


  • Mozilla.com performance work
  • Lots of Personas meetings. Revamping approval process, firstrun, install flows.
  • And Personas work for 3.6 integration
  • Wrapping up AMO work
  • Hopping back on Cesium
  • A-10 Warthog


  • Verbatim:
    • Considering alternatives to Pootle due to its horrible performance.
    • Playing with Transifex instead. Better performance (as proven by transifex.net, though no way to do pre- and post-processing of weird l10n types (I am looking at you, SUMO) yet. Also, very picky about malformed .po files.
  • Da Vinci's flying machines: Never flew, but looked cool.