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Webmaker icon blk.jpg Communications 2013 Dashboard
Owner: Erica Sackin, Matt Thompson, Rebeccah Mullen Updated: 2013-05-17
Big Words.

What have we achieved in 2013?

What have we built/shipped/delivered/designed?

What is your roadmap between now and MozFest?

What do you plan to do and show at MozFest? (suggestions below)

    • Campaign, Launch, & Press
    • Social Media
    • Working Open Sessions
    • Thimble Quilt
    • Contests
    • Community Love

Where and how are you tracking your progress?

    • I can make charts <--click link, if you give me scope (or make stuff like below)


  • Ow.ly click reports, Tumblr Metrics, Facebook Insights also available but tricky to make relateable.

How are you hoping other MoFo teams will support and work with you?

add here