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Q1 Goals

  • Understand which new markets, languages, locales are our priority in the short and medium term. Gain wisdom from our Mozilla Japan colleagues.
  • Plan and process for evaluating the quality of our localized sites. User testing with l10n focus.
  • Plan, technical strategy and prototype for right-to-left (RTL) locales.
  • Bugzilla component: Localization
  • Post Work Week Priorities (individual tasks that could be done or put off):
    • Make language setting per-user vs. per-site (user setting, per session, ???)
    • UX for MakeAPI for localized searches
    • Localized Emails, especially auto-generated
    • Site banner/CTA to indicate lang/locale is not complete, and links to help translate, etc.
    • Automation to auto-upload translation files to Transifex when something changes in en-US
    • Can we co-ordinate with MDN for details we share with them (e.g., HTML and CSS info in Goggles/Thimble)?
    • Locale file info in healthcheck, to show how recently l10n translations where downloaded
    • Improve L10N Responsiveness of our Tools: we need to audit for things like widths/height. We've fixed in, but missed a lot in our tools.
    • Localization of Teaching Kits and other Makes. We don't have any automated/Transifex way of doing this now.
    • Need to educate people on using Tutorials vs. inline HTML comments in Thimble--this makes localization much easier.
    • Prompt users for locale on publish
    • Display appropriate locales on locale (ie pt-br content on

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
892545 UI update for different localize version wb.localization, designQA, kate RESOLVED
928967 [meta] Audit for fixed height UI and other problems with translated strings postfest, frontend, l10n RESOLVED
929231 Figure out how to deal with fonts not being installed ali ASSIGNED
934662 Display a banner automatically if current locale is not 100% localized gavin ASSIGNED
935563 Update langmap with Native and English name ali RESOLVED
936036 Create an API in i18n.js to get all the languages instead of locales ali RESOLVED
936179 Update all apps to use Webmaker-i18n new API in v0.2.9 ali RESOLVED
936916 Change the string in Make-Valet to make it easier to translate ali RESOLVED
939266 Implement global enabling languages to test all the languages from Transifex ali RESOLVED
939870 Share resource files between the apps ali RESOLVED
941010 Catch error when checking for supported_languages ali RESOLVED
941231 Fix bug supported_languages is not clear after set to '*' ali RESOLVED
943028 Remove   from css-property-docs translation file ali RESOLVED
943431 Separate resource files in Thimble and Goggles ali RESOLVED
943532 Remove goggles-html-element-docs file and rename Thimble translation file ali RESOLVED
943862 Add completed translation files for languages that we support on Thimble and Goggles ali RESOLVED
943866 Clean up translation files in Goggles and Thimble RESOLVED
944733 Update node-webmaker-i18n to version 0.3.2 for all apps ali RESOLVED
944743 Update momentjs language list ali RESOLVED
944837 Update langmap with to the latest list ali RESOLVED
945710 Fix typo in translation files ali RESOLVED
946544 Add progress percentage to LocaleInfo object ali RESOLVED
947040 Add languageEnglishName method to i18n.js ali RESOLVED
948101 Remove all translation files from the repo except the source language ali RESOLVED
948243 Create a webmaker download locale cli from S3 buckets ali RESOLVED
949106 Set/Get localeInfo into the Cookie session ali ASSIGNED
949287 Add webmaker-download-locales module to all our apps ali RESOLVED
949622 [meta] Display what locale version/date is being used in healthcheck ali RESOLVED
949664 Add webmaker-locales-mapping-configuration module to all apps ali RESOLVED
950218 Document localization workflow & tech kieran.sedgwick NEW
950836 webmaker-i18n shouldn't throw an error if an invalid configuration is passed ali RESOLVED
950987 Add localeInfo.lang to URL in /event-guides ali RESOLVED
951026 Unit test for i18n module ali RESOLVED
951368 translation_directory path should be required in options of middleware setup ali RESOLVED
951390 Options in middleware setup should not allow empty ali RESOLVED
951401 middleware setup should throw an error when unknown language was set ali RESOLVED
951484 [meta] Update webmaker-download-locales to v0.1.0 ali RESOLVED
952272 Enable unit test for failing on no path to translation directory specified ali RESOLVED
952283 Change to use langmap module for i18n.js ali RESOLVED
952301 Export all the API in i18n.js so we can have access and enable unit on them. ali RESOLVED
958177 DS Stores causing error ali RESOLVED
958961 "Sign in" icon is changed to scrollable picture ali RESOLVED
965406 Create Right-to-Left (RTL) strategy [workweek-l10n] [workweek] david.humphrey RESOLVED
965412 Determine priorities for langs/locales we want to ship [workweek-l10n] [workweek] paula ASSIGNED
965416 Discuss and document plan for Webmaker in Japan [workweek] [l10n] [workweek-l10n] RESOLVED
965417 Build strategy for localized + community-based user testing plan [workweek-codesign] [workweek-l10n] kat ASSIGNED
968284 [meta] Update node-webmaker-i18n to v.0.3.8 ali RESOLVED
971976 Localization survey karen.louise.smith NEW
974924 Create a bookmarklet to make converting kits/activities into localizable formats easier. [kit] williamd ASSIGNED
975027 Teach i18n module to not complain about unknown mapping to some language ali RESOLVED
975126 [meta] Update node-webmaker-i18n to v.0.3.11 ali RESOLVED
978786 [meta] Implement new language picker for all our apps ali RESOLVED
981301 [meta] Fix unlocalized strings ali RESOLVED
981612 [meta] Update language picker module ali RESOLVED
981791 [meta] Update language picker module ali RESOLVED
981792 [meta] Update language picker module ali RESOLVED
981793 [meta] Update language picker module ali RESOLVED
983643 Add a link to language dropdown to contribute contribute ali RESOLVED
983720 Add support for Chrome.i18n json format in favour of Events [events2][r3] ali RESOLVED
984582 Should "Web Literacy Map" be localized localization RESOLVED
987860 Add GA events to the language picker ali RESOLVED
988803 Access to Transifex for Querying the API ali RESOLVED
988911 Add strands to template, methods for .strand(tag), .strands(), .allByStrand() weblit-integration kate RESOLVED
992984 Option to allow user to add their preferred language when signup or in setting (account page) ali NEW
993449 Advise and Mentor on getting Training into the Transifex project [training] ali ASSIGNED
994722 i81n callback called twice in a row regardless of error state ali RESOLVED

Open; Resolved; Total (84.85% complete)