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Q1 Goals

  • Understand which new markets, languages, locales are our priority in the short and medium term. Gain wisdom from our Mozilla Japan colleagues.
  • Plan and process for evaluating the quality of our localized sites. User testing with l10n focus.
  • Plan, technical strategy and prototype for right-to-left (RTL) locales.
  • Bugzilla component: Localization
  • Post Work Week Priorities (individual tasks that could be done or put off):
    • Make language setting per-user vs. per-site (user setting, per session, ???)
    • UX for MakeAPI for localized searches
    • Localized Emails, especially auto-generated
    • Site banner/CTA to indicate lang/locale is not complete, and links to help translate, etc.
    • Automation to auto-upload translation files to Transifex when something changes in en-US
    • Can we co-ordinate with MDN for details we share with them (e.g., HTML and CSS info in Goggles/Thimble)?
    • Locale file info in healthcheck, to show how recently l10n translations where downloaded
    • Improve L10N Responsiveness of our Tools: we need to audit for things like widths/height. We've fixed in webmaker.org, but missed a lot in our tools.
    • Localization of Teaching Kits and other Makes. We don't have any automated/Transifex way of doing this now.
    • Need to educate people on using Tutorials vs. inline HTML comments in Thimble--this makes localization much easier.
    • Prompt users for locale on publish
    • Display appropriate locales on Webmaker.org locale (ie pt-br content on webmaker.org/pt-br/)

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