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Thursday, 30th January 2014

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  • Why we do these calls: to talk about The Theory and Practice of Teaching the Web
    • To see one another. :-)
    • To share experiences about teaching the web and digital making. 
    • Explore ways to do more together, to help each other. 
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============================= Roll Call ==============================

Who's here?
Hi, my name is __ and I'm from _____. Today in this call, I would like to ____. 

  • Hi, my name is Rifaz Nahiyan (@rifaz)and I'm from Bangladesh :) Today, in this call I'd like to know of effective ways to teach HTML & CSS to absolute beginners.
  • Hi, my name is Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw) and I'm from England. Today in this call, I would like to welcome all the new Mozillians! 
  • Hello, I'm Ani- signing in from Pittsburgh. This is my first time tuning in, so I'm a sponge today.
  • Hi, my name is Michelle Thorne (@thornet), and I'm from Berlin, Germany. Today in this call, I would like to hear how Webmaker can better help you teach the web.
  • Hi, my name is Faye (@fayetandog) and I'm from the Philippines. Today in this call, I'd like to meet fellow mentors as it is the first time I'll be joining the online call! Thanks to the non-working holiday in our country tomorrow! (GMT+8 problems) Glad you could be here! <3 Yay! So happy you are here Faye
  • Hi all, I'm Dorine (@epikprojectuk) I'm UK based, I use webmaker as a tool to mentor youths, parents and teachers to be mentors themselves. Our youngest peer youth mentor and Minecraft server admin is 12 year old and our oldest is 23, I see Minecraft as a tool that has scope to give agency to our young people and this very much being part of their expertise that often leads to other tech maker stuff. In my mind they should be doing the sharing with their peers, I just add frameworks to such tools and remix "Social constructs" that does not fit to ensure the kids get opportunities to make and experience being a "Maker". Happy to share what worked and din't work for us and help you remix based on your needs :) Was talking about you at Learning Technologies yesterday (one of the companies that supports your workshops?)
  • Must have been Tara, twins 6 year old who are into MineCraft, she is also a govenor for a primary school, we had a meeting after the LT to see how we might work together to get Webmaker/MineCraft in her school as an after school club
  • Hi my name is Amira (@amirad) and I'm from Toronto. Today in this call I would like to welcome the Web Literacy community and work together to make this MEGA meeting a super fun and productive call for everyone attending
  • Hi my name is Bondan (@bondanabe) and i'm from Indonesia. Today in this call i would like know how to help others through webmaker program Welcome!
  • Hi, my name is Umesh Agarwal (@umesh_agarwal1) and I am from India. Today in this call I would like to interact with everyone as its my first call! Welcome!
  • Hi, my name is Laura (@epilepticrabbit) and I'm from the Internets. Today in this call, I would like to learn how we can update content on Webmaker.org to support you in teaching the web. 
  • HI, my name is Ankit Gadgil (@anknite) I am from Mozilla, Webmaker and India :) Today through this call I would like to understand the web literacy + webmaker concepts which would help in teaching the web.(only etherpad)
  • Hi, Kim Wilkens (@kimxtom) (Yay, Kim!)  and clearly regretting not being on the video call right now (swimsuit calendar?)+1
  • Hi, my name is Atul (@toolness) and I'm from Brooklyn NY USA. Today in this call I would like to present a funky remix ribbon thing for thimble.
  • Hi I'm Janet Laane Effron, @jleffron,  from the US - I've been hangingout with the Web Literacy Standard/Map crew. Welcome!
  • Hi, my name is FuzzyFox and I'm from London. Today in this call, I would like to suprise everyone with a horse head :D.  
  • Hi, my name is Kathryn (@kathrynmeisner) and I'm from Toronto aka the frozen wastelands. Today in this call, I would like to be warm - that is my only wish. frozen yes, wasteland no. Freezingness aside, in this call I'd like to see how ppl are teaching the web and how we can help.
  • My name is Susan Payne. Anita Norton invited me to listen into the call since we work with information literacies. I'm a librarian from Johns Hopkins University
  • Hi, I'm Gillian "Gus" Andrews, @gusandrews, calling in from openitp.org in New York City.I've been working on the web literacy standards with Doug and co. (hi Gus, I still owe you an email on privacy content sprinting :/)
  • Ian O'Byrne - @wiobyrne - web lit wonk - come join me on the #walkmyworld project(hi Ian!)http://wiobyrne.com/walkmyworld/ HI Janet :)
  • Hi, I'm Marc from MOUSE @malesser in this call i'm excited to see the mentors/weblit map communities join forces
  • Hi I'm Anita Norton from Excelsior College and online college
  • Hi, Brian King - first call! I'm on the Community Engagement team and am looking forward to working more with you all this year, RE: Million Mozillians
  • Hello. I'm Roz Hussin, logging in from University of Nebraska. First time in Webmaker Community Calls. Previously attended Doug's Web Literacy Community Calls.
  • Hey, this is Tanha, from Bangladesh. Today I would like to know more about webmaker and the mentors.This is my first webmaker call :)
  • Hi! My name is Kristian (@KristianLugtu) and I'm from the Philippines. Today I would like to know more about webmaker and meet other mentors (first time joining) :)) Mabuhay from the Philippines!
  • Hi! My name is Chad (@chadsansing)and I'm from Virginia. Today I would like to catch up with the community and call!
  • Hi I'm Luis (@lasr21) from Mexico I would like to empowered more Mozllians to be part of Webmaker
    • Hi I'm Emma - this call starts a bit early for me, but I ready the etherpad afterwards - I live in Sooke BC.   I like to learn from what others are doing.
  • Hi i'm Ajay,(@AjayJogawath)from India.I am new to this webmaker call. So,i would like to learn more about webmaker project and the mentors.

============================= Agenda Items==============================

Merging the Call 

  • Welcome Web Literacy community meet the Mentor community
  • Mentor Community meet the Web Literacy Community
  • Everybody - we're just "the Community" amirite? Is that @amirad's sister? ;-) OMG I just died!!!!!!!!

Naming this call: Teach the Web Call - cool w/ y'all? cool +1nice name indeed! +1+1

Webmaker: How can it serve you best? (Doug Belshaw)

  • Links and context: 
  • Notes and comments:

    • What advice would you give someone teaching the web for the first time? What could we, the community, do to make it easier to get started?
      • To make it easier we can provide 1-2 resources or teaching kits! As well as provide contact people or support areas where they can search and get help 
      • Get people making/remixing sooner than later, don't get bogged down in explanations. Although this can be intimidating for participants, especially adults - approach as a sandbox activity.
      • Make it internactive - more engaging rather than just talking on and on about something +1+1+1
      • I find they need help face to face, they often dont think or feel confident they could do this, only after the days training do they realise actually this is very easy and as we clearly believe they can do this, it gives them confidence
      • A Clear entry point for Thimble- this can be awefully literal. Sometimes I feel like Webmaker forgets how laymen feel about approaching digital literacy. I love the road map. Can't wait till it has blood in its body. 
      • HAVE STUDENTS PUT HANDS ON. The web is a great place to learn by doing.+1+1
      • Expect to learn as you go - but that's also half the fun

    • When you get stuck or need help teaching the web, where and to whom do you turn? What kind of advice are you usually looking for?
      • MDN is an awesome resource, especially for verifying I've got my facts correct
      • Google :) +1+1, but this often ends up in MDN or StackOverflow for me
      • I often turn to computer science professors or professionals in computer security or other programmers.
      • I also turn to friends or community members or people I work with!
      • I google my issue and often look for video tutorials+1 for video tutorials. Showing and being shown how it is done is much easier to understand than reading a bunch of docs for me
      • I google or ask mozillians
      • as tech - when I get stuck it's on the teaching side, and generally let students lead, ask questions help me decide what the next fun learning thing could be.
      • Google, W3 schools, MDN, Stack Overflow

    • What is your favorite tool to teach the web? What feature do you wish it had?
      • The Web is the best tool there is to teach the web ;) I encouraged my college students last year to make extensive use of YouTube tutorials. 
      • I also often turn to the talks we've had at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference -- http://archive.hope.net/
      • Thimble is definitely my favorite tool to start. I also use Weebly to show that side of web dev/design while being able to customize via HTML/CSS
        • I was taught intro web stuff through Weebly in my classes when in school
        • Tumblr themes are also useful - I think Chloe @Varelidi did something around this?
      • I'll pick popcorn for the sake of leaving our most pressing feedback there, which is that we need to integrate with other school/firewall-friendly video resources, as youtube and archive have been pretty prohibitive for us. ML
      • MineCraft and Webmaker in partnership+1+1! Also, I like Printcraft. Bring in 3D printing with MineCraft and even Webmaker. have you seen #tatecraft? if Adam Clarke wins that will be fantastic
      • I grok Thimble; otherwise, a basic text editor & a browser.
      • XRay Goggles is the quikest, then Popcorn  - I've actually been using CodePen more often than thimble  because a) ther are lots of cool snippets and b) css, html and javascript are lined up beside each other  ie:  http://codepen.io/darkwing/pen/bCali  , also scratch, after hour of code I started using Scratch a bit more  - paired with Popcorn was well recieved by the 'storytelling' and gamer side. Onto python nexdt.

    • What do you do that you feel contributes to teaching the web?
      • Rifaz - I've introduced Webmaker tools to 3 universities in my country.
        • Also taught basic HTML & CSS to those who didn't know(while attending those sessions).
        • I also teach what I know of HTML & CSS to my cousin who is 16 years old.
      • I am working on curating and improving the range of materials available to teach how to avoid surveillance and censorship -- cryptography, secure systems, etc. Outside of my job and on a grander scale I am advocating for literacies that get ignored -- network literacy, algorithmic literacy, address literacy, etc. Oh -- and my show, themediashow.net, answers questions people have about how the Internet and other media systems work, including ownership and other economic concerns. Very intersting! We're hoping to do some better curation and curriculum creation for privacy and security. We should combine forces! ^^gladly!
      • Teaching myself and working with groups to teach others (which also helps me learn)
      • We/MOUSE have a vibrant network of learners (both youth and educators) primed to be not only web learners but web champions - the more we bring this content to our youth, the more the educators in our various contexts are inspired to become more expert with the tools/content/competencies. We see youth as educators themselves in this (and lots of other) context(s). ML
      • We/MOUSE have a great learning design 'shop' here that are designing content and resources and then putting them pretty immediately to practice, which gives us a great formative loop as we contribute to the content/resources of the community. ML
      • We/MOUSE have a captive network where we issue creative web challenges monthly to roughly 4K users as a way to test content and tools... been doing this with tools like X-Ray goggles for a few years and has helped us learn a lot about best ways to get those tools into the hands of learners both online and offline. ML
      • I am currently working mainly to teach the basics of code to childern - Tanha
      • Run a webmaker club, constantly taking oppotunity to talk about teaching the web to others just teaching coding.  
      • Weirdness.

    • How do you imagine using the Web Literacy Map in your daily practice?
      • To remind myself what we're all working on jointly -- what others' concerns are.
      • I'm slowly trying to introduce the concept in the "Technology Resources" toolkit in all the online courses that I am designing in my day-job. I think if we incorporate this as a "standard resource" in all higher ed (and K-12) education, eventually, it will truly become a "standard" that is globally understood and accepted. Note: This process includes ensuring that faculty development includes this topic.
      • imagine it as both a reference and a creative resource... "alignment" is a useful way to introduce using the map for educators but I think the greater goal is to then help them use it as a way to map a learning pathway for learners that helps them acquire the kinds of literacies that are useful to them in their context. +1 For some it'll be all, but for many it'll be a series of specific pathways. I think Laura's recent linking tool is an awesome step in that direction - helping people actually visualize those pathways. (ML)
      • Incorporate into curriculum materials I'm creating for Tech-Girls and making available to educators, after-school programs, and parents.
      • I try to think about how different pieces can connect with others so that opportunities to teach and learn reinforce one anothwer w/ stickiness - like, "Oh! I remember what h1 means because I learned how to grab web fonts when I wanted the title of my page to look different, and then that got me into positioning and other CSS stuff -"
      • I use it to share with parents and teachers the value of what I'm doing with our webmaker club, to explain to other 'teaching code' groups why teach the web is more than coding, the value .  It also helps back up my position that teaching the web addresses their concerns about cyber safety and privacy.

  • Questions:
    • What different events can we arrange regarding Webmaker? -- Rifaz
      • Great question! We have some guides, although hoping to update them soon. https://webmaker.org/event-guides 
      • The idea is that these are "rip and remix". Use them if they help. Remix them if you like!
      • Webmaker train the trainer days 
        • MOUSE is piloting one this summer that we'd love to chat with anyone interested about. Will be in July. yay mouse!
      • Would be pretty cool to have game jams where folks use HTML & CSS to print & play card games like Werewolf from #MozFest.

  • How to Get Involved

Turning Earth to Cake (Dorine Flies)

  • Links and context: 
  • Notes and comments:
    • "One thing Mozilla does more than anyone else is create experiences."+1+1+1+1
    • Not just teaching how to code, but the mindset of coding.
      • We are all makers, and making to me is at the heart of being an engineer, regardless of media you wish to express yourself in+1 Heart of being human alone & amongst humans.
    • Encouraging youth to become mentors. Focus on peer mentoring.
      • Give them agency and believe they can do this, this is really important that you help them beleive in themself and I have never been disapointed by them.
    • Dorine this is so awesome...I love hearing these stories and knowing how you've paired up with peopl and the Maker Party's you've been doing. Please do share info on the event in Feb!+1
    • "I go fishing for frameworks"
      • I was talking to a math teacher who also teachs history, it transpires he is a battle re-enacment in full battle armour, was like WOW!! My suggestion to him as to do PvP (Player vs. Player) battles in Minecraft to explore the tacktics of the denfender vs. agressor, I can't see kids saying no to PvP. PVP is just another framework that I in my days of World of warcraft did a lot off :)
    • "The best engineers I've ever come across are, first and foremost, makers."
    • Turn earth into cake!+1 The freedom to tinker and remix. 
      • This is a very important stage, its the first step in forming an attachment to the game based on making vs. gaming
    • The chickens eat all the cake. ^^
      • Have an experience that is funny. You will remember it better. And you'll reflect on it better +1. I wrote about this idea of emotional connection in a post about what I was calling "the Pedagogy of Discomfort" (it skews to adult learning, but it's deinfitely interesting how our brains learn better when there are emotional reactions)
      • I think adult and child learning are one and the same providing its on a topic they want to engage with vs. one they are  told they should be doing
    • Use half day for making, half day for reflecting. Can even continue playing Mindcraft.
    • Make a chicken that poops diamonds in Minecraft. ^^
    • Biggest stumbling block is a lack of tools/hardware. - I have this issue too (Emma) using Rapberry Pi to overcome lack of computers, although this take sme time to build at home I think in the long run it works. WHat I would like to do is preformat a lot of SD cards and then charge a small fee for our club to cover the cost of raspberry pi and each child could take care of their own. Might work?+1 totally
  • Questions:
    • Do you know if youth continue this after you leave? 
      • Monitor. Use meet-up group to surface activies. 
      • Meetup: 1 day - morning is tutorial, afternoon is free for all making
    • How do you feel about the Web Literacy Map's competencies? Do you see these things being developed in your learners?
      • It's very random, some are more pro other less, home schooled are a perticular problem espcially as this is then wholely dependent on the parents take on the internet.
    • How do you convince "traditional" educators that what you are doing (teaching the web using Mindcraft) is relevant to mainstream "traditional-education"? In fact, do you (ever) find yourself having to convince such educators? or is your role/mission already established in the context that you are in?
      • You have to make it about them, how it's going to meet their needs, interest, agenda and firmly position it as "meeting a need relavent to them" like the battle re-enactment in Minecraft for a history teacher.
      • Educators are using to traditional methods. Sounds like there are efforts in place to educate/update educators at the grassroots K-12 level. But how about the professors at university level who teach pre-service teachers? How can we bring the "traditional" higher-ed teacher-education curricula to be more relevant to the web-era? [Roz] That is the question! Just finished a MEd and many fellow students in the program were almost technophobes and the professors were a mixed bag. There was one token tech class to jam all these ideas in - didn't even get to web literacy.
      • I remember at university asking Fintan Culwin my then "Scripting language" prof , dude like why are you not teaching us PHP, his answer was "It's not my job to teach you PHP but to teach you how to code" at the time this was litterally nonsense to me. It took me a few years to "Get it" what he was saying was I'm here to share with you the "Framework of how to code" the needed mindset and I am choosing to express myself in TCL to demonstrate this to you. Now that I understand, I 1000% agree just wish he'd explained it better ;) I might have got a better grade in his unit had I understood this was just a tool and that this would lead to other stuff.

  • How to Get Involved

Remix Me On Webmaker CSS Ribbon (@toolness)

  • Links and context: 
    • some thimble makes are messed up by the way that they're presented on makes.org
    • this  thing fixes them and also gives makers more ownership over their makes  by allowing them to customize the appearance of the remix link: https://toolness.makes.org/thimble/bust-out/remix 
      • copy-paste lines 10 and 11 into your own make, edit the CSS to customize.
      • the href pointing to webmaker.org will be rewritten dynamically when users look at your page, so it goes to the proper remix page.

  • Notes and comments:
    • Way to bring remix to the top atul!
    • Thanks - will be very helpful for app dev class I'm teaching now. Was also frustrated by scrolling issue on mobile devices.
    • That's a cool make! Thanks for this very very helpful!

  • Questions:

  • How to Get Involved

A QUICK (65seconds?) report back for those tracking teaching kit experiments (FuzzyFox)

  • resonably simple + quick win

  • A sneeky peak at some visualizing/mapping work(so far)
  • How to Get Involved
    • Any more ideas not already in my list? TELL ME!!! :D
      • Visualization by users/contributors as well?
        • A lot of this data can be pulled from this original mapping! xD
        • I'd say that this would be a secondary priority for me after getting it mapped to the framework

Anything else you want to share or add or need help with?
Add below!

  • HiveIndia@Kgp : http://fosswithumesh.wordpress.com/2013/12/23/hiveindiakgp/  
  • Is Mozilla going to have a presence at the NAMLE conference? media literacy in US -- a group of educators who would be really open to these ideas http://namle.net/
  • Also Allied Media Conference http://amc.alliedmedia.org/ - yeah! @toolness is going, prolly others too.
  • and NMC http://www.nmc.org/

  • Recently hosted an introductory session on security and Privacy, now will be facilitating a workshop on the same on 8th feb. blog: http://ankitgadgil.blogspot.in/2014/01/security-and-privacy-being-important.html . Will be using the teaching kit at this workshop https://laura.makes.org/thimble/protect-your-privacy . Would love some useful links and content on security and Privacy to share with the attendees. -Ankit
  • I'd   like to collaborate with the Webmaker group to cross pollinate between   global practitioners and some of the undergraduate/graduate cohorts of   students in the classes that I work with. Perhaps we could organize a   joint-event where these students would log in to a webmaker session   (like this one)? This would allow modelling and hands-on introduction  to  the concept and skills of webmaking, plus, introduce the students to  a  readily available PLN (professional learning network).+1 Like an online workshop in real time?  Yes... I am planning to create a class assignment that "requires"  students to use Popcorn... but I would like the students to learn how to  use Popcorn from live hands-on interaction with YOU GUYS from the  webmaker community (rather than the "traditional" method of listening to  me or the classroom instructor).[Roz] I'd definitely be interested.Kim? colors are confusing Yes, techkim@kimxtom.com. Great. Nice to meet you. Let's email each other... rozhussin@unl.edu Some  Mozilla peeps (Laura, maybe Michelle - not quite sure) have been  starting to run HOMAGO workshops (Hanging Out Messing Around and Geeking  Out) which could probably work for your idea. Let me see if I can find  the link for that. This is Kathryn btw. Here we go - https://teach.etherpad.mozilla.org/homago-schedule. Thanks Kathryn!:-)  Yes! We can absolutely schedule something. I'd be happy to do an hour  on Popcorn Maker or whatever you like. Want to add your thoughts to the  etherpad Kathryn posted in, and add your email?  Laura, not sure if you're going to chat about the HOMAGO  learning/contributing opp in this call, but ppl here may be interested  in joining/hosting.
  • HOMAGO Office Hours https://teach.etherpad.mozilla.org/homago-schedule
    • GOAL:  Create regular skill shares and office hours for deep dives into  specific topics. Include all contributors in running the sessions. 
    • Come and learn something 
    • Come and teach something (perhaps even while learning it--i heard howard rheingold does his geekouts this way) Love it!
  • Come join us on the #WALKMYWORLD project. http://wiobyrne.com/walkmyworld/ We've got an open collaborative research/poetry response project going. Find out more at the blog posts, or on Twitter at #WALKMYWORLD - email me (wiobyrne@gmail.com) or Twitter for more (@wiobyrne)

Agenda item (your name and Twitter handle)

  • Links and context: 

  • Notes and comments:

  • Questions:

  • How to Get Involved

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Seen any good resources or techniques to teach the web?
Cool links, projects and whatnot that you've encountered or made. Can be rough and unpolished, blog posts or something as flash as a TED talk ;)

What events do you have coming up?
If  you have events you're running or participating in or speaking at, list them here! Definitely include anything you'd like help or feedback on. 

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Add any other updates or comments!

  • The Web Literacy Standard is now the Web Literacy Map. We'll be updating webmaker.org to reflect this change, but in the meantime please direct people to the Mozilla wiki: http://bit.ly/weblitmap (also follow @mozwebliteracy!) 

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