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Here are resources that teach various aspects of digital literacy and digital citizenship.

Web Literacies white paper

We're currently working on a framework and white paper for Web Literacies. More here: http://mzl.la/weblit

Digital and Web Literacy Resources

Resources that either leverage webmaking skills in a project based context to teach other learning objectives or resources that teach various aspects of digital literacy (good search, copy paste, etc). You are invited to build this list out!

  • Introduction to Collaborative Webmaking: Web Literacy is quickly becoming the fourth literacy, yet it’s often not integrated into the classroom. This sample curriculum was created to help teachers integrate Webmaking into their standards based curriculum through a project based learning method that uses the Web as it’s platform.
  • Introduction to Collaborative Tools: A quick run down on collaboration tools and environments.
  • Middle school Searching Lessons/Resources Students are introduced to different search options and effective strategies for finding information. They make informed choices about which search sites to use, and to use search tools and precise keywords to yield the best search results.
  • Middle School Research and Evaluation lessons Students become critical thinkers about the information they encounter online. They learn to evaluate the quality and credibility of websites. They also explore how some websites are designed to be “sticky” – attracting viewers and keeping them coming back.
  • High School Searching lessons Students learn effective, efficient strategies for conducting everyday searches. They learn how to plan out a search, and why it is important to use precise keywords and to carefully evaluate search results.
  • HS Research and Evaluation lessons Students think critically about how information is collected, reshaped, and shared online. They consider the upsides and downsides of collective intelligence and photo alteration, and how these practices impact online communities.
  • SEO Battle Hacktivity
  • Designing Work for Participation Worksheet A helpful worksheet to create tasks and actions for an Open Source project.
  • Digital Citizenship Resources
  • Digital Storytelling Projects and Resources
  • Introduction to Digital Storytelling
  • School of Open The School of Open is coordinated by P2PU and Creative Commons, a globally focused nonprofit dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright. Volunteers, individual creators and organizational representatives, can design courses for peer learning in study groups or for facilitation by a subject expert.