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Let's teach the web! Everything you need to get started is at webmaker.org/teach

This wiki includes:

  • Additional resources: To help educators teach digital literacy and webmaking.
  • Easy ways to contribute: Share and contribute your own resources.
The emphasis is on making and learning the web together, with learners in both formal and informal learning environments.

How to Contribute

Here are three easy ways to share your own resources for teaching digital literacy and webmaking:

  1. Add them to this wiki,
  2. Post them to our Webmaker G+ community, or
  3. Tweet us @MozTeach with #teachtheweb.


Introduction to Engagement (12 talking slides)

We invite you to hack and remix any of the existing resources, curriculum and presentations in this wiki, then share them!



Learning by making and building. These resources leverage remix, webmaking or coding as a teaching goal.


Teaching the components of digital literacy -- from browser basics, to copy and paste, to web mechanics and beyond. Or teaching digital skills in a project-based context that serves other learning objectives.


Best practices and techniques for working with youth and other learning audiences and participants.


Teaching participants how to build, create and produce things. Basic ideation and design skills, video- making, and resources that fall under a broader "maker" umbrella -- media-making, physical computing, games, electronics and more.

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