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We're putting on Webmaker Training Days for Mozilla Reps from March 1 - 6 in Athens.

This event will empower Reps like you to grow webmaking communities in your neighborhood. It will help you mentor other makers and educators so that they can run their own webmaking events.

You'll be part of the design process for Webmaker in 2013 -- what we should do, what we should build, and how it all fits together.

The Details

  • March 1 - 6, 2013
  • in Athens, Greece
  • 40 Reps from around the world
  • training, testing and hacking together


This event will be well documented. If you can't attend in person, there still will be many ways to participate and shape the program -- don't worry!

Hope you can join us in Athens,

// Laura, Michelle, William + Pierros

Agenda (tentative)

March 1: Travel Day

  • 7:30pm Group dinner with early arrivals (completely optional)

March 2: Hive Athens Pop-Up

Optional if you needed another travel day

  • Hive Pop-Up at Technopolis on Saturday March 2. 08:45 to the afternoon
    • Breakfast at 7:30am in the hotel, meet in the lobby at 8:30am. Walk over to Hive Pop-up venue for facilitator briefing at 8:45am.
    • Meet 6-7 organizations of Hive Athens
    • Participants will ca. 12-year olds
    • Local Mozillians will support the workshops and demo Webmaker tools
  • Training Days Introduction and Hive Popup Debrief
  • Group Dinner

March 3: Training Days

  • Training Days at Technopolis. 09:00 - 18:00
  • Group Dinner

March 4: Training Days

March 5: Test Event at British Council

  • Test event at the British Council, 09:00 - 15:00
    • 17 Kolonaki Square, 106 73 Athens
    • 100-150 participants (90% youth/10% teachers)
    • Reps will create the hacktivities and agenda for this event during the training
  • Debrief and Pledge Creation after the Hackjam 16:00 - 18:00
  • Group Dinner

March 6: Travel Day

  • Farewell, it's been swell.


Event venues

See the map for all venues and locations.

Main addresses are:


  • Peireos 100, 118 54 Gazi, Athens

British Council

  • 17 Kolonaki Square, 106 73, Athens


All meals between Mar 2 - 5 will be covered by the event.

Arriving in Athens

A Greek Rep will meet you at the airport once you land. They will provide you with public transport information and tickets.

Getting from the airport to the hotel (in case you want to come on your own or can't find a local host):

  • You are going to be using the Metro Line 3
    • Starting Station: Airport
    • End Station: Monastiraki
    • Direction: to Aigaleo
  • Once you arrive in Monastiraki exit the station, you are in the Monastiraki Square. A for Athens hotel is directly at the side of the square. Entrace is pointed out here.

Who to contact

  • Pierros Papadeas
    • Local knowledge, Visas, Customs, Officials, Police & Army Forces
    • Pretty much everyting local.
  • Konstantina Papadea
    • Transportation
  • Nikos Roussos
    • Transportation, Logistics & Office Supplies
  • Michelle Thorne: +49 172 711 9807
    • program, agenda
  • Laura Hilliger: +49 172 175 5272
    • last resort




  • 360 coctail bar: Address: Ifestou 2, monastiraki square
  • Taf : drinks and temporary exhibitions, also near monastiraki http://www.theartfoundation.gr/
  • Faust : drinks-exhibitions-theatre, also near monastiraki http://www.faust.gr
  • Gazochori: Address: Dekelion 2, Gazi (next to the venue for Hive) food and drinks, traditional environment, at Gazi. If you go there you should drink rakomelo (traditional drink with honey boiled together)
  • Acropolis Museum + Cafe: http://www.theacropolismuseum.gr/ Breathtaking views and a modern museum. Do this after you go to the Pathenon for a hike ;)

Who's coming

  • Alex Lakatos
  • Alex Wafula
  • Artanto Ishaam
  • Benny Chandra
  • Stefania Ioana Chiorean
  • Christos Bacharakis
  • Cliff Argwings
  • Dany Javier Bautista
  • Dorine Flies
  • Emma Irwin
  • Fabio Magnoni
  • Faisal Aziz
  • Fauzan Alfi
  • Flore Allemandou
  • Galaxy Kadiyala
  • Gauthamraj Elango
  • Guillermo Luis Movia
  • Hezron Obuchele
  • Ibrahima Sarr
  • Irvin Chen
  • Jean Austin Rodriguez
  • Kevin John Ventura
  • Lawrence Kissuki
  • Luis Sanchez
  • Majken Connor
  • Muhammad Syafiq Mazli
  • Nikos Roussos
  • Pablo Cuadrado
  • San James Olweny
  • Regnard Raquedan
  • Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira
  • Sandraghassen Subbaraya Pillai
  • Santiago Ferreira Litowtschenko
  • Sayak Sarkar
  • Soumya Deb
  • Victor Hugo
  • Viking Karwur
  • Vineel Reddy Pindi
  • William Duyck