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Who came?


What we worked on

  • Engagement Ladder. Quick wins that make it easier for people to climb the ladder. Plus a dashboard for measuring contribution.
  • A contributor metrics service. Prototype for "MakerMind," a new service that listens for contributor activity to feed it into a dashboard, BadgeKit, etc.
  • Web Literacy UX. Prototype user experience for the Web Literacy Map.
  • Content. Fill the Web Literacy Map with our best current content. Make a punchlist of gaps. Prep a pilot for a community content sprint to fill them.
  • "Teach the Web" training. Polished packaging and a schedule for our online course and training.
  • Maker Party. A documented plan for what we're doing this year. Tickets for shipping better events UX.
  • Metrics. Knowledge transfer. Best practises for building metrics into all of our software. Running data analysis, A/B tests, and campaigns. A website metrics dashboard.
  • New markets. A plan for which new locales and communities will webmaker engage with in 2014
  • Localization. Planning and technical strategy for "right-to-left languages."
  • User testing and co-design. Kits that make it easy for community to run user testing events.
  • Code contribution. New approaches for making code contribution easier.
  • Firefox integration. Demos of new approaches for integrating Webmaker within Firefox.
  • Skillshares. Bootcamps and demos. For Front End best practices, MakerStrap, DevOps, working with Bugzilla and Github, how to develop in Webmaker, + more.


Check the [Scrumboard!]



Web Literacy UX


  • Mon - Content review. Teaching Kits. User types & paths. Brainstorming.
  • Tues - Refine designs. Wireframes. Begin building.
  • Wed - Continue building prototype. Create image assets.
  • Thurs - Supporting functionality (eg, tagging). Copy.
  • Fri - Final prototype


1) Content Review

  • Consider new approaches for teaching kits. How will badges work into the flow? The objective of this task is to gather all the information / pieces we'll need to be looking at in order to design the "Explore" section.

2) Brainstorm

3) Prototype

4) Refine

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
965390 Define and visualize user types and user paths [workweek] [weblitux] [workweek-weblitux] cassie RESOLVED
965395 Brainstorm visual ideas for "explore" Web Literacy functionality [workweek] [weblitux] [workweek-weblitux] cassie RESOLVED
965399 Create wireframes for Web Lit Map [workweek] [weblitux][workweek-weblitux] cassie RESOLVED
965400 Build frontend prototype for Web Lit Map [workweek-weblitux][workweek][weblitux] kate RESOLVED
965405 Create UX wireframes for improved tagging [workweek-weblitux][workweek][weblitux] cassie ASSIGNED
965436 Create image repository for the Web Lit skills [workweek] [weblitux][workweek-weblitux] cassie RESOLVED
965439 Determine user facing copy for Web Lit Map [workweek] [weblitux][workweek-weblitux] erikad ASSIGNED

Open; Resolved; Total (71.43% complete)

Web Literacy Content (a.k.a. #TeachTheWeb)

  • Thimble report out
  • [workweek] [content]
  • Fill the Web Literacy Map with initial content. Collect the best existing teaching kits and resources. Tag them. Then invite community to review, fill gaps, and flesh out further. Develop a pilot for a community sprint.
  • Owners Kat/Doug




ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
964277 Gather top 100 teaching resources for Web Literacy in a spreadsheet [workweek] [content][workweek-content] michelle RESOLVED
965285 Create Paper Prototype for v2 of Teaching Kit templates [workweek-content] [kit] [teachingkit] kat RESOLVED
965288 Ship documentation for partners [workweek] [content][workweek-content] RESOLVED
965292 Ship documentation for community sprint on tagging WebLitMap resources [workweek] [content][workweek-content] doug REOPENED
965295 Ship a Webmaker curriculum glossary [workweek] [content][workweek-content] doug RESOLVED
965398 Prepare for community tagging with bookmarklet [workweek] [content] [workweek-content] doug NEW
965531 Update [workweek-content][febworkweek] RESOLVED
965704 Move posts and refresh Google+ categories [workweek-content] [workweek] RESOLVED
966980 Plan an exemplar pathway for Remix [workweek-content][workweek] RESOLVED
966982 Ship plans for 1st iteration of teachtheweb team production cycle [workweek-content][workweek] michelle RESOLVED
966985 Scope and document platform needs for #teachtheweb program [workweek-content][workweek] RESOLVED

Open; Resolved; Total (81.82% complete)


Engagement Ladder


  • Tickets for quick wins that make it easier for people to climb the ladder.
  • MakerMind prototype.
  • A dashboard for measuring contribution.

Owners: Michelle / Jbuck

Scrum Tasks

Stretch goals

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
965473 Simplify and optimize Webmaker communications channels [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] lainie RESOLVED
966079 Document conversion points for Webmaker contributors / engagement ladder [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] amira RESOLVED
966086 Create module to send user activities to MakerMind [workweek][workweek-engagement] jon RESOLVED
966088 Create some prototype dashboards in Kibana [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] RESOLVED
966286 Build an MVP contribution dashboard [workweek][workweek-engagement][infrastructure] adam RESOLVED
966288 Optimize our use of email [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] erikad RESOLVED
966290 Establish Baseline contributor #s from last year [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement][infrastructure] michelle RESOLVED
966329 Create an engagement timeline that will attract and onboard new contributors [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] michelle RESOLVED
966331 Create prospect lists for engagement outreach [workweek][workweek-engagement][engagement] erikad RESOLVED

Open; Resolved; Total (100% complete)

Maker Party

Develop the framework and planning for the 2014 MP campaign.

Whiteboard tag: [workweek-makerparty]

Scrum tasks:

Other TODOs:

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
966313 Document our plan for on-boarding and organizing 2014 Maker Party Partners [workweek][workweek-makerparty] amira RESOLVED
966317 Set Metrics and Goals for Maker Party 2014 [workweek][workweek-makerparty] amira RESOLVED
966321 Events Package: tutorial for first time event throwers [workweek][workweek-makerparty] amira RESOLVED
966327 Events Package: post-event practices [workweek][workweek-makerparty] amira RESOLVED
966330 Events Package: Feedback loops via participants and Mozilla [workweek][workweek-makerparty] amira ASSIGNED
966338 Re-direct to new Maker Party site when ready [workweek][workweek-makerparty] [2014makerparty][mvp] [pre-ah] gavin RESOLVED
966356 Plan comms for Maker Party 2014 [workweek][workweek-makerparty][makerparty] erica RESOLVED
966364 Write a timeline and set of goals for a Maker Party World Tour [workweek][workweek-makerparty] michelle RESOLVED
967775 Draft Webmaker + Dev Derby plan [workweek][workweek-makerparty] RESOLVED
967805 List improvements for UNESCO criteria [workweek][workweek-makerparty] bobby RESOLVED
967807 Draft list of orgs to map against UNESCO criteria [workweek][workweek-makerparty] bobby ASSIGNED

Open; Resolved; Total (81.82% complete)




Share your test ideas here

  • Bugzilla whiteboard: [workweek][workweek-metrics]
  • Owner: Adam
  • Goal: Knowledge transfer and establish working processes. Best practises for building metrics into all of our software. Running data analysis, A/B tests, and campaigns.
  • When:
    • Mon: Testing and Optimisation
    • Tues: Webmaker Dashboard
    • Weds morning: Google Analytics for Developers. Weds aft: Google Analytics for Noobs.
    • Thurs: Web Literacy Metrics

Scrum tasks

A/B Testing and Optimisation

Webmaker Dashboard

Google Analytics

Literacy Metrics

Open Discussions:

  • Other tools we want to explore / existing tools we should use more
  • Investigate Mozilla's Tableau infrastructure

Prep work

Requested Reading

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
962753 Ship Webmaker developer documentation on Google Analytics Events Tracking [workweek][workweek-metrics] adam RESOLVED
964771 Add GA Event for Thimble Publish [workweek][workweek-metrics] david.humphrey RESOLVED
966186 Add Optimizely tracking tag to webmaker [workweek][workweek-metrics] scott RESOLVED
966188 Set up an A/B test for [workweek][workweek-metrics] RESOLVED
966191 Ship documented process for setting up, recording and sharing results of A/B tests [workweek][workweek-metrics] scott RESOLVED
966192 See some of the tests MoCo have been running on [workweek][workweek-metrics] RESOLVED
966193 Update the site metrics dashboard for [workweek][workweek-metrics] adam ASSIGNED
966195 Ship a public metrics dashboard for [workweek][workweek-metrics] adam ASSIGNED
966196 Ship updated dev process to include GA Event tracking in new features by default [workweek][workweek-metrics] RESOLVED
966203 Ticket additional GA tracking we want to implement on webmaker [workweek][workweek-metrics] RESOLVED
966204 Ticket A/B or MVT tests we want to run on webmaker based on GA exploration [workweek][workweek-metrics] RESOLVED
966206 Ship a draft definition of the metrics that indicate someone is becoming more web literate [workweek][workweek-metrics] adam ASSIGNED
966207 Ship a plan/tickets for testing how we're measuring web literacy [workweek][workweek-metrics] adam ASSIGNED

Open; Resolved; Total (69.23% complete)

DevOps: making code contributions easier

  • bugzilla whiteboard: [workweek][workweek-devops]
  • Figure out ways we can improve our current processes, from provisioning of development environments easier to ways we can minimize effort and time required for pushing/testing.
  • Owner: JP

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
936536 Make webmaker-suite work in a docker instance [workweek-devops][workweek][devops] johns RESOLVED
964284 Get webmaker-suite vagrant instance working with AWS provider [workweek][workweek-devops] yastr.dima RESOLVED
964766 Determine how to more gently rev new versions to cause no interruptions [workweek] [devops][workweek-devops] johns ASSIGNED
964772 Cleanup and resizing of infrastructure [workweek-devops][workweek] RESOLVED
964775 Investigate hardening node.js servers with nginx [workweek-devops][workweek] johns ASSIGNED
964779 Move some configs into repo [workweek-devops][workweek] johns ASSIGNED
965799 Jbuck reports he got the cipher script for ELB's running [workweek-devops][workweek] johns RESOLVED

Open; Resolved; Total (57.14% complete)

Third-party publishing to Webmaker

  • bugzilla whiteboard: [workweek] [workweek-3rdparty] search
  • Improving our platform systems (MakeAPI, Login) so that 3rd party apps can publish to webmaker.
  • Owners: ChrisD, Wex

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
965932 Allow Appmaker to publish to Production MakeAPI [workweek][workweek-3rdparty][appmaker] cade ASSIGNED
965941 Implement Webmaker log-in in Appmaker [workweek][workweek-3rdparty][appmaker] cade ASSIGNED
965958 Prototype using JSON Web Tokens as an Authentication Mechanism [workweek][workweek-3rdparty] cade RESOLVED
966008 Separate Application tags from regular tags [workweek][workweek-3rdparty][weblit-integration] cade ASSIGNED
967003 Create Public Documentation for MakeAPI [workweek][workweek-3rdparty] cade ASSIGNED
967056 Write a gallery generating script [workweek][workweek-3rdparty] cade RESOLVED
967068 Design and build a MakeAPI landing page [workweek][workweek-3rdparty] cade ASSIGNED

Open; Resolved; Total (28.57% complete)




  • Understand which new markets, languages, locales are our priority in the short and medium term. Gain wisdom from our Mozilla Japan colleagues.
  • Plan and process for evaluating the quality of our localized sites. User testing with l10n focus.
  • Plan, technical strategy and prototype for right-to-left (RTL) locales.
  • Bugzilla whiteboard: [workweek-l10n]
  • Post Work Week Priorities (individual tasks that could be done or put off):
    • Make language setting per-user vs. per-site (user setting, per session, ???)
    • UX for MakeAPI for localized searches
    • Localized Emails, especially auto-generated
    • Site banner/CTA to indicate lang/locale is not complete, and links to help translate, etc.
    • Automation to auto-upload translation files to Transifex when something changes in en-US
    • Can we co-ordinate with MDN for details we share with them (e.g., HTML and CSS info in Goggles/Thimble)?
    • Locale file info in healthcheck, to show how recently l10n translations where downloaded
    • Improve L10N Responsiveness of our Tools: we need to audit for things like widths/height. We've fixed in, but missed a lot in our tools.
    • Localization of Teaching Kits and other Makes. We don't have any automated/Transifex way of doing this now.
    • Need to educate people on using Tutorials vs. inline HTML comments in Thimble--this makes localization much easier.
    • Prompt users for locale on publish
    • Display appropriate locales on locale (ie pt-br content on

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
965406 Create Right-to-Left (RTL) strategy [workweek-l10n] [workweek] david.humphrey RESOLVED
965412 Determine priorities for langs/locales we want to ship [workweek-l10n] [workweek] paula ASSIGNED
965416 Discuss and document plan for Webmaker in Japan [workweek] [l10n] [workweek-l10n] RESOLVED
965417 Build strategy for localized + community-based user testing plan [workweek-codesign] [workweek-l10n] kat ASSIGNED
965836 Determine our process for "turning on" a new language [workweek-l10n] [workweek] ali RESOLVED

Open; Resolved; Total (60% complete)

New markets

Scrum tasks:

ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
965480 Ship documentation on Webmaker's strategy for new markets [workweek] [newmarkets] [workweek-newmarkets] paula ASSIGNED

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)

Workshops & Roundatables

Fixed sessions that don't span entire week

Co-Design and User Testing

  • bugzilla whiteboard: [workweek-codesign]
  • Methods for user testing/co-design. Ship user testing kits for Webmaker and Appmaker.
  • Kat / Karen (note: Karen is off-site Tues morning)



ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
959389 Create a user testing kit for Webmaker [crossteambugs] [copywriting][workweek-codesign][workweek] RESOLVED
959727 Create User Testing Kit for Appmaker [crossteambugs] [copywriting] [workweek][workweek-codesign] kat RESOLVED
965417 Build strategy for localized + community-based user testing plan [workweek-codesign] [workweek-l10n] kat ASSIGNED
965487 Run our first Webmaker or Appmaker test in [user testing][workweek-codesign] kat RESOLVED

Open; Resolved; Total (75% complete)

Makerstrap workstop

Learn the basics of using Makerstrap to creating basic pages that align with the living styleguide, using Thimble or your own tools. Owner: Kate

How to Install and Develop

Pomax shows folks who have not yet committed code to Webmaker how to do that

Front End Roundtable

Webmaker crew + Engagement / Service shop crew share knowledge Session on frontend best practices across MoFo that should include Cassie, Gavin, Kate, Mavis, Sabrina, and possibly Atul, & other interested folks. Space for us to get together to share resources and tackle hurdles would help cement a kickass frontend/UX culture. Will include a report out that shares our process and how others can get frontend stuff accomplished quickly and effectively (e.g., setting up a website, design, code review, etc).

Webmaker in Firefox - exploring browser extensions

Humph, Cassie + Gavin have been working on a skunkworks project to bring Webmaker into your browser. They'll show us how they're doing

Arrival Times + Evening Plans


Leave it all on the field. 120% percent.

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