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Connect with webmakers around the world on our community calls


Please join us on one of our community calls:

  • Webmaker Mentor calls. Webmaker is all about teaching and learning the web. These calls are for the global community of teachers, informal educators, Mozillians, and everyday people making that happen. Share what you're working on, get advice, and compare notes with other mentors around the world. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Webmaker/Mentor/Community_Calls
  • Mozilla All Hands meetings. These calls provide a high-level view of what's happening across the entire Mozilla universe each week, including updates on Webmaker and other Mozilla Foundation projects. https://wiki.mozilla.org/WeeklyUpdates (Tips for presenters: http://openmatt.org/2013/11/22/all_hands_howto/)
  • Project community calls. Open Badges, Open News, the Web Literacy Standard, Mozilla Science Lab and other projects each have their own community calls as well. All are welcome to participate. Meeting times and details are listed here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Webmakers/Project_Community_Calls
  • Webmaker Cross-Team calls. These are focused on the nitty gritty of building the Webmaker tools, web site and user experience. Dig into project management and specifics on what we're building at webmaker.org, the Webmaker tools, events platform and more. https://webmaker.etherpad.mozilla.org/crossteam2

Archive of the (now retired) Tuesday Weekly Webmaker calls