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Event Mockup.png Event Platform Roadmap
Owner: Michelle Thorne, Ben Simon Updated: 2012-03-21
We're building an online event platform to track, create, import, and sign up for Mozilla webmaker events.


Event Mockup.png

Event mockup2.png

About this project

  • The project in 5 sentences:
    • Events are a major participation and community engine of Mozilla's webmaker efforts.
    • We need a place to track webmaker events worldwide.
    • That enables users to learn about, create, import, sign up for, and leave feedback about events.
    • The site should allow for communication among organizers, participants, and staff.
    • And it should be dead-simple to use.

Uses Supported by v1.0

Find Event

  • See on Front Page --> Click through --> Know what the event is from description --> RSVP (can message hosts) --> Share
  • Search based on type/geography --> View results by Date/Distance --> Pick event --> Know what the event is from description --> RSVP (can msg hosts) --> Share

Desired additional feature: Search event based on keyword in description

Create Event

  • Learn about event types --> Pick Type --> Fill in details --> Publish --> Recruit
    • Agenda design can either happen at "Learn about event types" stage or after "Publish"

Desired additional feature: duplicate past events & address all previous attendees of your events at once

Submit existing Event

  • External event exists --> Provide us with url, event type, date/time, location, description, your email --> Event is published to our calendar

Report Back (participant)

  • Receive email from Mozilla (or event host) --> Fill out feedback form & share on gallery --> Prompt to host/attend something else in future

Report back (organizer)

  • Receive email from Mozilla --> Fill out feedback form & share on gallery --> Prompt to host/attend something else in future


Pre-launch: March

  • Agenda maker (Michelle Thorne)
  • Logistical How-To's (Laura Hilliger)
  • Secure a domain (MT + Ross + BS)
    • Migrate to make.mozilla if/when possible
  • /Events pages design + coding (Dev + Design + BS + MT)
  • BSD Skinning/Integration (Dev + Design + BS + BSD)
    • Activate Event Module in BSD
    • Event creation user path
    • Event discovery user path
  • Legal & privacy reviews (BS)
  • Teams test event platform, agendas, and how tos.
    • Kitchen Table:
      • Call for staff, Aspiration, & high-level community members to try out with our sample agenda & curriculum and report back to us
    • HackJam:
      • Hackasaurus Jams Warsaw (March 8)
      • Popcorn Jam London (March 25)
      • Popcorn Jam Cannes (March 29)
    • PopUp: LA?, Pittsburgh?

Beta Testing: April

  • External event submission form (Web Dev)
  • /events design & coding cont. (Dev + Design + BS + MT)
  • BSD cont. (Dev + Design + BS + BSD)
    • Localizations
    • Report back flow & copy
  • Legal & privacy reviews cont. (BS)
  • Testing cont.
    • Hack Jam
      • Popcorn Jam Berlin (April 22)
      • Popcorn Jam Lüneberg (April 29).
      • Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires (April 22)
    • Pop Up:
      • London/SF?

Launch 1.0 + Summer Campaign Announcement: May

  • Summer Campaign Roadmap
  • Prominent info about campaign.
  • Display partners and planned events so far.
  • Sign up page for campaign partners.
  • Campaign "Create event" page for organizers.
  • Event sign up pages for participants. "Participate"
  • Photos from past events.
  • Show campaign video

Day of Action: June

  • Display lots & lots of event pins on a map of the world
  • Display gallery of event pics and screenshots of hacks
  • Prompt participants & organizers for feedback via BSD

Summer cont: July-August

  • Display info about upcoming end-of-summer events
  • Display info about feedback, what we made, what we learned, what next
  • Migrate to make.mozilla.org/events if ready

Festival: September - November

  • Roll over /events to focus primarily on the festival