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Supported Plugins

  1. Flash - Adobe test page
  2. Java - Sun test page
  3. QuickTime - Apple test page
  4. Silverlight -
  5. Windows Media Player -

Use-cases (turn into test-cases)

  • Latest version of plugin *is* vulnerable
  • On some platforms (like PPC), an older version (such as Flash 9.x) is still supported (when the latest version if 10.x)
  • Ensure no duplicate entries (Quicktime, particularly)
  • Ensure that null/default plugins don't show up

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 3.5.x
  • Firefox 3.0.x
  • Firefox (not supported, right?)

Vulnerability States (which map to buttons)

  • Update Now - vulnerability
  • Update - links to where?
  • Learn More - safe -- links to the plugin's homepage


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