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These are notes for the kickoff meeting for Firefox 3.6 EOL Homepage.

When / Where

  • Date: 15 March 2012
  • Time: 1pm PDT
  • Room: christie koehler Vidyo 9597
  • Conf: +1 650 903 0800, x92 or +1 800 707 2533, password 369. Then 99597#.
  • IRC#: #ff36eol


ckoehler, cshields, retornam, lforrest, wenzel


  • Intro from project owner (lforrest)
  • Review of team.
  • Review of concerns, blockers and timeline (launch 4/24)



  • Identify Attendants and their Roles in this project.
    • Product owner: Laura Forrest (lforrest)
    • TPM: Christie Koehler (ckoehler)
    • Designer: Ty Flanagan (ty)
    • Web Dev: TBD
    • IT: Corey Shields
    • QA: TBD
    • Security: Yvan Boily (yvan)
    • Legal: TBD
    • L10N: Pascal or Milos

Project Introduction

Requirements / Contstraints

  • page to be hosted on Mozlila infrastructure (previously hosted by Google)
  • needs to utilize snippets service
  • needs to be localized in all languages that are available for Firefox
  • design / ux needs to urge users to upgrade to latest version of FF
  • high availability and quick load times (as close to locally-served about:home as possible)


  • how long will this be live?
  • do we know current traffic to ?
    • 23 million users still on FF 3.6
    • 50% of those keep as their homepage (11-12 million)
  • how many strings?
  • how many locales by launch?

Concerns, Blockers and Timelines

Based on the introduction, available specifications and current progress, rough timelines that each group will need are as follows. Each group should announce the concerns and blockers they have up front.

Project Driver


  • need to keep search box
  • with disruptive messeging to upgrade

Web Dev


  • wants this to go through net scaler





Action Items

The following action items were identified and assigned in this meeting:

  • {Person}: {Action}
  • {Person}: {Action}
  • {Person}: {Action}

Weekly Meeting

The check-in meeting will be run by {Name} and take place once per week at {Week Day} {Time} beginning on {Date}.