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Firefox 3.6 Start Page Check-in :: 3-29-2012


  • ckoehler
  • jakem
  • laura forrest
  • raymond
  • pascalc
  • wenzel
  • cmore

Agenda / Notes

Schedule Review

Full schedule:

  • Design Complete: Today, 3/29
  • String Freeze: Wednesday 4/4
  • L10N Begin: Thursday 4/5
  • Upcoming PTO/OOO/Other Schedule Blocks?
    • Christie is out M-W next week for JSConf, will be checking email
    • Ty PTO M-F next week

Design Review

  • Expected behavior of 'Download' button?
    • ideally a direct download, but that is problematic due to the technical requirements
    • shouldn't show download for PPC users
  • Two designs, one is more urgent than the first.

Server Setup please cc retornam Need to know about SSL requirements for <locale> depends on what the browser requests by default. Safer would be to just do it. Only downside is cost and some time lag to get a wildcard/SAN SSL cert.

L10N Procedure

  • What should we do with locales that were supported in <= 3.6, but are no longer supported?
    • don't display overlay to upgrade
    • no longer have localizers for those locales
    • probably only a handful of locales


Action Items

  • laura: decide what to do with no longer supported locales
  • ckoehler: clarify is ssl is needed
  • ckoehler, jakem and wenzel: figure out server requirements
  • ckoehler: create full list of locales we need to support