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Firefox 3.6 Start Page Check-in :: April 05, 2012


  • ckoehler
  • lforrest
  • pascalc
  • wenzel

Agenda / Notes

Schedule Review

Full schedule:

  • Implementation: In-progress
  • String Freeze: Wednesday 4/4
  • L10N Begin: Thursday 4/5
    • Confirm that this is in progress.
    • have all the strings, for both popups
    • 17 locales complete
  • Upcoming PTO/OOO/Other Schedule Blocks?
    • Ty PTO M-F this week
    • Pascal holiday on Monday

Implementation Review

  • Status update from jpetto
  • nearly done implementing current page
  • working on making RTL support better
    • pascalc to file RTL-related bugs tomorrow
  • need to know what to do with hidden fields

Server Setup

L10N Update

  • Translation started, 17 locales done
  • Starting to ping people individually
  • RTL needs some care
  • Eastern Europe fonts to take care of (Bug 742648 - [3.6 EOL/Start Page] Open Sans Fonts do not cover all locales)


Previous Action Items

  • laura: decide what to do with no longer supported locales

Answer: in these edge cases lets revert to suggested locales in Pascal's document here:

Action Items

  • JP - support and test right to left
  • JP - make sure we can add specific CSS tweaks for specific languages (for example if in german a word is too long for a button)
  • ckoehler - follow-up with stephen regarding qa contact
  • ckoehler - look in to rescheduling meeting at a decent time for Pascal


  • The search form has a bunch of hidden elements, among them:

<input name="rls" value="org.mozilla:en-US:official" type="hidden"> <input name="hl" value="en" type="hidden">

    • What do we need to fill in there? (Note hl "en" seems to vary from our build locale "en-US")