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Firefox 3.6 Start Page Check-in :: April 09, 2012


  • ty
  • ckoehler
  • lforrest
  • stephend

Agenda / Notes

Schedule Review

Full schedule:

  • Implementation: In-progress
  • L10N: In-progress
  • Upcoming PTO/OOO/Other Schedule Blocks?
    • Pascal holiday on TODAY

Implementation Review Comparing design to implementation:

  • Reduce the leading between "Your Browser..." and "Upgrade today for the latest in speed and security."
  • New image for alert graphic
  • try to have overlay box line up with left edge of search box (and should be exactly same size)
  • Ty will work with Jon to make better background gradient

Server Setup - Dev is live: - Status of stage / prod? - If you can't view the above, ask ckoehler to cc you

L10N Update

  • Translation started, 17 locales done
  • Starting to ping people individually
  • RTL needs some care
  • Eastern Europe fonts to take care of (Bug 742648 - [3.6 EOL/Start Page] Open Sans Fonts do not cover all locales)


Previos Action Items

LF/FW - deliver txt file with all strings, everything on page including button text JP - support and test right to left JP - make sure we can add specific CSS tweaks for specific languages (for example if in german a word is too long for a button) SD - allocate another resource for QA ckoehler - follow-up with stephen regarding qa contact ckoehler - look in to rescheduling meeting at a decent time for Pascal

Action Items

  • lforrest: seup webtrends profile and create bug with tracking info
  • jon: add alt text to link, implement Ty's changes (see above)
  • ckoehler: get implementation update from Jon
  • ckoehler: confirm structure of production url (for WT setup)
  • ckoehler: create bug template


  • The search form has a bunch of hidden elements, among them:

<input name="rls" value="org.mozilla:en-US:official" type="hidden"> <input name="hl" value="en" type="hidden">