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Main Page

  • logo mark and text
  • stills of three teaser videos
  • links to static pages like creative brief, judges, prizes, partners
  • TODO: Link to videos page (this page will have search)
  • "Upload Video" logs you in. When logged in, will see grey bar with avatar.

Filmmaker Profile Page

  • edit link
  • list of your videos

Edit/Create Profile Page

  • Upload A Video
  • Post Upload Video
  • TODO change title to "your video is processing"
  • TODO add copy to explain what's going on with processing:

Sit tight! You will get an e-mail when your video is ready for viewing and sharing. While you're waiting have a look at some of the other videos that have already been submitted [link to video page]

  • won't display videos on site until they are completely done processing.

Videos Page

  • lists videos
  • has search
  • includes filters and sort
  • TODO: Change title to 'Videos'
  • When searching, title will be 'Video Search Results'
  • string for no matching results "Sorry, no videos found. Please try another search."

Video Edit Page

  • TODO: Create
  • Title: Edit your Flick Info
  • Fields: title, description
  • save, cancel button

Various Static Pages

  • Videos
  • Creative Brief
  • Judges
  • Prizes
  • Partners
  • FAQ
  • Rules


  • Admins will have ability to mark flick for judging