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The wiki for Firefox Flicks 2013 can be found here.

This page contains all of the important details for the Firefox Flicks website of 2012. The project was announced in December 2011.

Elevator Pitch

Firefox has a story to tell and we need your help telling it; help us get the word out about how we’re different, why people should care and why they should think about their technology choices.

Short films that make the Firefox brand promise “Firefox Answers To No One But You” real for people and help’s raise awareness about the issues facing their online life

Small non-profit organization being challenged by billions of dollars spent in marketing and advertising. You can be the hero to help combat large spending.

Goals and Measurements

  • # of videos submitted
  • # of votes on videos
  • Drive increase in Firefox downloads and retention by increasing loyalty and advocacy:
    • Increase advocacy by X%
    • Increase non-profit awareness by X% – X% bump in downloads for desktop
    • X% bump in downloads for mobile
    • X% retention
    • Considering engagement metrics - new fans to FB,Twitter followers, email increase, videos uploaded and shared
  • Reach XX% of the people in US & Canada, Latin America and Europe


    • Best :30 spot
    • Best Use of New Open Technology (e.g. Popcorn, shot on mobile (?), etc)
    • Best Animation
    • Best Public Service Announcement
    • Language: Europe & Latin America use sub-titles

Prizing per region

  • Grand prize:TBD (video equipment?)
  • Winning submissions to be incorporated into global multi-channel marketing campaign
  • Top three finalist flown to winner event (one event per region). Events and location TBD

Prizing per categories

  • One winner per category, prize valued at $5K
  • Second and third place in each category, prize valued at $500-$1K
  • Everyone that submits an entry that passes the guidelines receives a Firefox gear pack including t-shirt, stickers, etc. valued at $100/each

Prizing per team

  • Teams can range from 1-10
  • Prizes awarded to team leader and should be split among the team

Release Schedule

Announce Program: December 2011

  • Announce via landing page includes highlight video using ’06 winning videos, legal, creative brief, prize structure, sign up form/email collection, send encouragement pack to those that sign up
  • Ideally announce marquee judges at this time, or at least one marquee judge
  • Announcement activity includes blog post; media outreach; community engagement; film school outreach; SEM; emails; social channels; website promos, snippets

Drive Engagement: Jan-March

  • Additional judges announced; additional prizes announced (assuming prize donation); blog posts; events if applicable; community engagement, office hours with developer community, social outreach, SEM, emails to both Mozilla’s broader list and names collected as part of the contest, social; website promos; snippets

Submission Site Live: Feb/March

  • Sharing & voting; larger media and/or social program; community engagement; media outreach; SEM
  • Winner Event:April/May
  • Film Festival winner event per region (North America, LATAM, Europe), Firefox hosted viewing parties that include the people from the finalist team, media outreach, blog posts, emails, social, website, snippets



The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Product owner - Kristin Baird/Chelsea Novak
  • Community Efforts - Tobias Leingruber (Marketing, short-listing and screening events with volounteers)
  • TPM - Christie Koehler
  • Developers - Jennifer Fong, Michael Kelly
  • L10N - Milos Dinic
  • Designer - Lee Tom
  • UX - Bram Pitoyo
  • IT - Corey Shields
  • QA - Raymond Forbes
  • Security - TBD
  • Legal - Liz Compton



  • This site will be localized
  • This site will be accepting video submissions
  • This site will require registration to upload a video
    • Registrants will be required to input the following:
      • Director name
      • Flick title
      • Entry category (Select from drop down)
      • Entry region (Select from drop down)
  • This site will require voting and voter registration
  • This site will collect e-mails via Responsys (or current e-mail provider)
  • This site will need to be load tested.



User Flows



Site copy

Check out "VIDEO TITLE" on Firefox Flicks Firefox Flicks is a global video contest to help tell the Mozilla Firefox Story. Create a video and you could win prizes and have your video seen by Hollywood judges. Enter or check out the videos today a

    • Twitter

Check out "VIDEO TITLE" on Firefox Flicks

Front-End Code

Back-End Code


  • EN-US, PT-BR, ES, FR, DE, ZH-CN, ZH-TW and JA are priority locales. Any other locale is welcome to opt in.



Project Management



  • 03 Jan: Phase 2 Kick-Off
  • 09 Feb: Start L10N
  • 17 Feb: Code Complete
  • 21 Feb: QA & Security Review Begins
  • 28 Feb: Launch Contest
  • 14 Mar: 1.1 Maintenance Release (11:30am PDT)
  • 29 Mar: 1.2 Maintenance Release (9am-5pm PDT)
  • 11 Apr: 1.3 Maintenance Release (9am-5pm PDT)
  • 01 May: Close Submissions - Release 1.4 (9am-5pm PDT)
  • 17 May: Announce Winners - Release 1.5 (9am-5pm PDT)

Release Pages


File project bugs here. Bugs should be filed with normal visibility; Security bugs should be filed with private visibility.

Launch Materials

End of Life

After judging and events, late 2012