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User Story: Filmmaker

Scenario A

As a filmmaker, I want to be able to upload my video easily so that I can start promoting it right away.

Step 1: Visit the website and sees CTA to upload. The user clicks on CTA

Step 2: A browser lightbox appears, use enters his email, and finishes the sign in and verification process

Step 3: A series of form field titled “Create Profile” appears, allowing the user to fill in his name/team/company, Country, Website, Avatar and Bio. The user clicks “Next”

If the user has uploaded more than one video, the Create Profile form won’t appear, and we’ll skip Step 3.

(We should discuss whether the user should be allowed to skip this step for now and finish entering info later.)

Step 4: A lightbox titled “Where’s your video located?” appears. It contains an empty text box where user can copy and paste video URL from various video services. We’ll take care of the embedding. The user clicks “Next”

Scenario B

As a filmmaker, I want to make sure that my user page looks awesome, so that I can showcase my video(s) in the best way possible.

Step 5: The user gets redirected to a page that has the same template as the video page. But this one has editable text fields (a la Flickr). Think of this as an Edit mode. If the video embedded already has a title and description, we can grab them automatically. Otherwise, we’ll put placeholder text a la “Your Title Here”. The user clicks “Save”

(We should discuss whether to highlight the user info (ie. filmmaker, URL, bio), or the video)

Scenario C

As a filmmaker, I want to be able to promote the video in the most optimal way possible so that my video wins the contest.

Step 6: After step 5, a lightbox containing an embed URL and ways to promote on Twitter, Facebook and blogs appears. The user clicks “Done”

(These links will also appear on the video page, but lightbox is the sure way to call attention)

Scenario D

As a filmmaker, I want to keep my profile updated so that voters can always read the most recent information about me or my team

An Edit button will appear beside any video that a filmmaker has uploaded. It will allow her to change the video’s title, description and URL (we need to talk whether they can change URL after upload), as well as her profile name, country, and description.

User Stories: Voters

Scenario A

As a voter, I want to be able to view video quickly so that I can upvote or spread right away.

Step 1: Visit the website and sees a list of video. Or visit the video page directly.

Step 2: Clicks through the video page by clicking on a link.

Step 3: The link to vote and spread via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (list of social networks to be finalized) appear at easily targetable spots around the video.

Scenario B

As a voter, I want to be able to know which videos are getting the most votes, so that I can more easily watch the good ones.

As a filmmaker, I want to be able to know whose videos is getting the most votes at a particular point in time, so that I know when to promote more aggressively

Have a sorting method by number of views and votes, in addition to time of upload.