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Attending: Chelsea Novak, Chris More, Chrissie Brodigan


  • Creative Brief
  • Aiming for a localized launch on or about December 7
  • Priority is on creating the marketing site. As that moves into production we can begin spec-ing out the application (Phase 2)
  • Marketing site will have a few updates prior to the application site launch (announcements of judges, new teaser videos, announcements of new prizing) - {post meeting question - Do we want to use The Den blog to make these announcements, tag them with Firefox Flicks to have them show up on the Flicks site?}
  • Silver Orange to do front end coding on marketing site once designed
  • Marketing site will have the firefox flicks landing page and use the hybrid / designs

To Dos


  • Chelsea to deliver site content - site copy, faq copy, creative brief (for filmmakers) + prizing, legal for mid next week
  • Chrissy to deliver creative brief for site Nov 9 or 10
  • Chrissy to deliver wireframes
  • Chelsea to get timelines from Tara and creative about when the teaser video will be ready


  • Speak to l01n to prepare them for site and video l10n (priority locales: Landing page will be done in EN-US, AR-ES, PT-BR, FR, DE - want this for launch date)
  • Determine how to subtitle teaser video