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  • Chris More
  • Chelsea Novak


  • Brainstorming for the 2012 Firefox Flicks application


Project Info

  • Designing for *mobile first*


To crowdsource and tell the story of Firefox


Build the Firefox Flicks program wherein flimmakers and Firefox fans from around the world and submit short videos that tell the Firefox story (as laid out in Flicks creative brief)


Promoting the site on:

  • Snippets
  • Firefox & You
  • Social channels
  • promos
  • Ads (Facebook/Adwords)
  • Outreach to Flim schools
  • Outreach to previous winners
  • WOM promotion from Flicks judges
  • PR


  • 1000 submitted videos
  • 500,000 to 1,000,000 votes on the flicks site
  • 300,000 social shares of videos


User story template: "As a <role>, I want <goal/desire> so that <benefit>" Types of user:

  • Filmmaker - upload/screen my video, fill in a filmmaker profile - inlc - name, gravatar, location, short bio, short video description, to be able link to my video to share it socially to encourage people voting, be able to update my profile
  • Voter - vote and share on social

Phase 2:

Submission site (Feb/March 2012). This will be the site where filmmakers can submit their creations for entry in the contest. This site will require voting in multiple categories and potentially filmmaker profile pages. We should discuss whether or not people need to sign-in with browserID to vote. Integration with a subtitling tool like Universal Subtitles would be great and potentially enabling submissions that use popcorn.js as well

Submitting videos to the site

Have the videos put on whatever provider of choice (we'll make some suggestions of ones that are easily embeddable in our site - only html5 enabled sites)

  • Film Title
  • Short Descirption (in english)
  • Embedding URL
  • Checkboxes: original material, rights to host it, right to contact (TOS)
  • Note about copyright info

Create Profile

  • Filmmaker/Team Name/Film Company
  • Email (BrowserID)
  • Country
  • Website URL (website, FB, Twitter, etc.)
  • Gravatar
  • Bio(s)

View Videos

  • View embedded video
  • Vote on video (Thumbs up) - after browserID auth
  • Report a bad video
  • Share video on FB/Twitter (generic text to start) - no auth

Site Template

  • CTA on submitting your video
  • Very similar to the landing pages on
  • Mobile first design

Needed: UX, design, implementation, BrowserID integration, l10n, QA, IT, Infra/sec

Phase 3: Contest winners - will need to update the site to announce winners in various categories.

Needed: l10n, implementation, ability to tag videos on the backend as good or bad - how will we be able to bubble up quality

Action Items

  • cmore: Does BrowserID work well on mobile devices? (Yes)