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  • ckoehler
  • chelsea
  • cmore
  • bensternthal
  • jfong aka ednapiranha
  • mkelly



  • Filmmaker homepage is displayed until we have 50 submissions
  • Filmmaker homepage needs to have a link to see the submissions thus far
  • Use alternate header
  • Region is really important, determines how they will be judged (there will be a grand prize per region and per category).
  • Filmmaker should not be able to change region/category.
  • Filmmaker profile page will list videos, needs to differential between published and processing vides.
  • notify user onscreen when their video is processed
  • in page editing is a bit fragile - can we have a seperate page for editing? yes, this is not a hard and fast requirement
  • intro videos are still important after we hit threshold of video and include search
  • need to identify how we'll get and display stills
  • need to consider mobile layout
  • Store hash of IP address/session on votes so that if somene was trying to game the votes, we could pull those votes out. Can't store the IP because of privacy reasons.
  • how many winners per category/region? 1 per category per region (16)

Action Items

  • ckoehler: Add Tara Shahian and Lee Tom to the meetings for next week
  • bram: update wireframes based on our meeting
  • mkelly & jen: continue proof of concept for vidly
  • ckoehler: research chinese social media sharing
  • ckoehler: review social sharing options with bram